Wu Chun Reveals How His 15-Year-Old Self Asked His Wife Out

Wu Chun Reveals How His 15-Year-Old Self Asked His Wife Out

In an October 2013 blog post, Wu Chun (吳尊) blissfully confessed to being a new father, and that he and his wife, Lin Liying (林麗瑩), have been married since 2009. The couple have two children—daughter Nei Nei, who was born in October 2010, and son Max, born in October 2013.

On February 14, Valentine’s Day, the extremely private Wu Chun finally caved in to fan requests and shared two pictures of his family. The former Fahrenheit (飛輪海) member wrote, “I know everyone are curious… fine… we’ll open up! Today is our 22nd Valentine’s Day together. She is the partner who has always been working hard behind my back… [I am] grateful to receive so many blessings from everyone. I wish for everyone to be happy also!”

Liying is Wu Chun’s childhood sweetheart, and they have been together for over 22 years. In an interview, Wu Chun shared that he met his wife when they were both 15 years old. At the time, Wu Chun just finished middle school, and he wanted to have a girlfriend. He said, “I was a shy kid, yet I had a crush on her. I wanted to ask her out, but I didn’t know how to do it. I was too afraid to call her, so I shut myself in the bedroom, with all the lights turned off, and hid myself in my bed covers, pondering on how to do it. I wrote down all my problems on a piece of paper. After about two to three hours, I finally found the courage to call her.”

His family already had plans for him to study abroad before he started dating Liying. Right after their relationship started, Wu Chun moved to Australia for school. It was a long month for Wu Chun.

“I got extremely homesick, and I missed her so much. After about a month, I moved back home,” he said. “I guess you can say I gave up my education for her.”

Celebrity romances tend to not last very long, and with the amount of cheating scandals in the industry, Wu Chun was asked about his thoughts on how to preserve a relationship. He said, “There isn’t a single relationship where 30 years later you would still get the spark you felt when you first dated. To break up with your other half in order to chase after that spark is a very silly thing to do. In the end, a relationship is a responsibility.”

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Aaron Kwok Finds Happiness In Women’s Kingdom

Aaron Kwok Finds Happiness In Women’s Kingdom

Aaron Kwok (郭富城) is once again leading the Lunar New Year movie marathons with his new film The Monkey King 3 <西遊記·女兒國>, which premiered on the new year. The film, which also stars William Feng (馮紹峰), Zanilia Zhao (趙麗穎), Xiaoshenyang (小瀋陽), and Him Law (羅仲謙), is a based on the classic Chinese novel Journey to the West <西遊記>, and follows Sun Wukong and his journey into the Women’s Kingdom.

This is Aaron’s second time portraying the iconic Sun Wukong. To go days on end wearing heavy makeup was not easy for the actor-singer, but upon receiving the script of The Monkey King 3, Aaron decided to go for it again, perhaps one last time.

“It’s been two years since I did the last one,” he said. “When I got the script [of The Monkey King 3], I saw that there was something very different here compared to the last one. To be able to portray a complicated character like Sun Wukong, and not just his playful side, definitely benefits me as an actor. You would want to do a role that helps you develop.”

Asking if he would like to play Sun Wukong for another sequel, he said, “Just the makeup itself took five hours, every single day. So when you’re sweating, you can’t wipe it off. It would give you this feeling of dread. After two years, I forgot about it, but on the first day on set for this film, that feeling came back to me. But it’s too late to take it back. I already agreed to do the role, and I received a lot of encouragement from my agency. The director is also very understanding. That pain is hard to deal with.”

Superstars like Stephen Chow (周星馳) and Donnie Yen (甄子丹) have took on the role of Sun Wukong before, and when asked if he was worried about viewers comparing him to them, he said, “That is something I won’t be able to prevent, but I’m not worried. I’m very confident with my own performance. (In your opinion, what qualities do you have that makes your performance stand out over theirs?) Sun Wukong is a very flexible fighter, and I come from a dancing background. I think that helped me deal with a lot of the character’s body language. It’s my style. (Who is the most handsome Sun Wukong?) I don’t want to rate that. (Maybe you?) Not worthy to be!”

After a whirlwind promotional tour to promote the film in Mainland China, Aaron’s last stop was Hong Kong, where he also spent the New Year’s. Now a new father, Aaron was asked about how he dealt with his new identity.

In bright smiles, Aaron said, “I’m still serious about my career and when I go home, I get to take care of my family. I think this moment is the most important. (What will you be doing differently this New Year holiday?) Taking care of my daughter! It’s the happiest time now. I get to focus on my career and also have a happy family. This is something I never got to experience before.”

Aaron is currently preparing for his upcoming film, which will be shot in New York. He shared, “There’s going to be a lot of preparation for it. I’ll be speaking some English.” Asking if he’ll decrease his workload for his family, he said, “Not necessarily. Because now I have a family, I have to work even harder for them.”

At the end of the year, Aaron will be holding a 50-date concert tour, with the last performance in Hong Kong. He promised fans that he’ll be in his fittest shape for the concert.

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Yang Mi Spent Chinese New Year in Hong Kong with Hawick Lau

Yang Mi Spent Chinese New Year in Hong Kong with Hawick Lau

As Yang Mi (楊冪) leads a successful career in China, her husband and fellow actor Hawick Lau (劉愷威) took a step back to take care of their young daughter “Little Sticky Rice” in Hong Kong. Being miles away from each other on a daily basis, rumors of separation are plaguing the couple.

In defense of his son, Hawick’s father, Come Home Love <愛回家> actor Lau Dan (劉丹), accidentally slipped to the press that Yang Mi would be spending Chinese New Year in Hong Kong. A source later shared that Yang Mi did arrive in Hong Kong on the second day of the lunar year, and had New Year dinner with Hawick and his family. A few days later, Hawick posted on social media that his wife “has returned.”

However, Hawick stayed tight-lipped when asked by paparazzi if his wife had returned to Hong Kong. Instead of answering the question, Hawick simply said, “Happy New Year.”

His father also stayed silent. Lau Dan merely smiled at the reporters when he was asked if his daughter-in-law had returned.

Despite the paparazzi’s efforts of catching the couple, Hawick has only been spotted alone since their rumored New Year meal. On Tuesday, Hawick was seen alone in Causeway Bay, shopping for household items. Yang Mi was not in sight.

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Raymond Lam Drowns Himself with Work After Karena Ng Split

Raymond Lam Drowns Himself with Work After Karena Ng Split

In February 2013, Raymond Lam (林峯) confirmed his long-speculated relationship with his “BB”, Karena Ng (吳千語). Their relationship lasted for four solid years until December, when rumors of a split started spreading. Due to individual work commitments, Raymond and Karena found it hard to find time together. In her last interview, the 24-year-old actress told the press that she hasn’t seen Raymond in over two months. There is speculation that Karena has already found a new boyfriend—Brian Shi (施伯雄), grandson of real estate entrepreneur Shi Ziqing (施子清).

Back to the bachelor life, Raymond has been drowning himself with work. After ending his EEG contract and establishing his own personal studio, Raymond returned to Hong Kong to film EEG’s new web drama Police Tactical Unit <PTU機動部隊>. The actor has been spotted filming the show recently—despite the breakup rumors, the 38-year-old was in a good mood. When EEG’s chairman Albert Yeung (楊受成) stopped by to visit the set, Raymond took the time to greet him and talk to him.

Karena, on the other hand, is in Mainland China filming Chinese period drama Love on the Battlefield <戰地迷情>.

With an even busier schedule ahead, is Raymond using work to get over his breakup?

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Linda Chung’s Daughter Greets Everyone for CNY

Linda Chung’s Daughter Greets Everyone for CNY

Happy mother Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣), who just spent her Lunar New Year in Vancouver, shared some pictures of her daughter on social media while wishing her fans a happy year of the dog.

The 33-year-old TVB actress, who is married to non-celebrity Jeremy Leung, shared two pictures of her 1-year-old daughter Kelly wearing different traditional cheongsams. Linda wrote in Kelly’s voice, “Happy belated Chinese New [Years] to everyone. It’s the second day of the Lunar year here in Vancouver. To all uncles and aunties: I wish you great health, success, happiness, and peace!”

It has been a while since Linda shared a full portrait of Kelly, and many fans are leaving comments expressing that the baby girl has grown, and will grow into a beautiful girl like her mother.

Happy Year of the Dog!

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Yang Zishan, Han Dongjun reunite after four years in Never Gone

The first trailer for modern romance drama Never Gone has been released, and stars Yang Zishan (Red Rose) and Han Dongjun (Wuxin: The Monster Killer 2) as a young couple whose sweet romance through high school and university crumbles after getting hit by the harsh realities of life outside the school yard. Talented young actors Li Landi (of cult hit My Huckleberry Friends) and Hu Xianxu (Nirvana in Fire II) play the younger counterparts.

Li Chengbin (Operation Proposal) plays second male lead Shen Ju’an, husband of Cheng Zheng’s (Han Dongjun) older cousin Zhang Yue (Lan Yingying) and Su Yunjin’s ex-boyfriend.

Su Qing (I almost didn’t recognise here) costars as Mo Yuhua, Su Yunjin’s best friend who has a one-sided love for playboy Zhou Ziyi, played by Tan Jianci (The Advisors Alliance). He’s aware of Yuhua’s affections, but chooses to do nothing about it (judging from the trailer, he may reciprocate her feelings after all).

Directed by Lin Yufen (Ten Miles Peach Blossoms, Lost Love in Times), the 36 episode has yet to secure an air date.