Lynn Hung showcases pregnancy photos: “I did not marry the wrong man”

Aaron Kwok welcomed his first daughter last year, and his ex-girlfriend Lynn Hung also announced her pregnancy. Lynn, who is currently 7 months’ pregnant, showed off her maternal glow with a pregnancy photo shoot recently. The 37-year-old model wants to capture her pregnancy photos so that she can show her child how excited she and her […]

Vanness Wu reportedly once asked for a divorce

Since married in 2013, Vanness Wu and Singaporean heiress Arissa Cheo’s marriage has been rumoured to be on the rocks. For the past four years, the couple has not been appearing much together in public or showing affections on the social media. Recently, Arissa returned to Taiwan, whereas Vanness remained in the United States. A few […]

Ella Koon announces second pregnancy!

Ella Koon tied the knot with Eurasian doctor, Juan-Domingo Maurellet in 2015, and gave birth to their first son, BéBé G in October 2015.

A few days ago, Ella uploaded a video clip of her family, and annouced her second pregnancy. She wrote, “BeBe G has something to tell you.”

In the clip, Ella was playing with her son at a beach, and also strolling with her husband and son. At the end of the video, the family of three sat on the beach with words on the sand that say, “Baby #2 due Jan 2018.”

According to Ella’s recording label, she is 4 months’ pregnant, and has been vomitting since pregnancy. She has lost 3 kg. However, her pregnancy is stable now.

Ella is currently in France, and will return to Hong Kong for childbirth. She has requested not to know the gender of her baby, as she wants to keep it a surprise for her and her husband.


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Nicholas Tse unhappy with Cecilia Cheung for asking sons to film “blessing video”

Earlier reports said that Cecilia Cheung still could not let go of her marriage with Nicholas Tse and felt sour over his relationship with Faye Wong.

Cecilia has since dismissed the reports and expressed that she had no love or hatred towards their relationship. She even sent them her blessings.

Following that, she asked her helper and her two sons to film a short video clip in Cantonese and convey their blessings to Nicholas and Faye, “Sincerely bless them!”

While recording the video, Cecilia was heard giggling in the background. While some netizens found the video funny, some remarked that Cecilia should not involve her two sons in this matter.

On the other hand, Nicholas was said to be unhappy and upset that his sons were asked to film such video. Nicholas’ manager, Mani Fok replied, “We wont comment anything related to the artiste’s family and personal matters.”


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Dee Hsu chokes back tears and apologises to Aya Liu for the 22 years’ grudge

In her variety show S-style Show <姐姐好餓> recently, Dee Hse invited her good friend Aya Liu as a guest star. In the programme, Dee revealed that the pair once had a grudge and even turned teary when she spoke about it.

Dee recalled that Aya was like their class clown during their school days. She often liked to poke fun of her, and even instructed her to buy things for them. Even after they both started working, Dee still continued making fun of her like in their school days.

One day, she realised that Aya looked very awkward and turned silent after her joke. After they wrapped up work, Aya went to Dee and said, “Dee, please do not make fun of me in front of others in future. I don’t feel comfortable and I don’t like it either.” Dee was shocked and hastily apologised to Aya.

Although this incident was ages ago, Dee still took it to heart. At the programme, she took the chance to apologise to Aya. She choked back tears and said, “Everyone will change and grow up. When she wants to change and grow up, and when you still use the same way to treat her, you are not respecting her and do not love her enough.”

Aya also admitted that they were both young at that time. When they both met again, they realised both had matured, and they know their bottomline when poking fun of each other.


Source: Ettoday

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A-do rumoured to be suffering from severe depression

Singaporean singer, A-do made a comeback recently with his new single, Thousand Years Promise <一諾千年>.

However, a medical report suspected belonging to A-do was recently leaked online. The report stated that the 44-year-old singer suffered from severe depression, and “the patient is also pessimisstic and gloomy towards life and occassionally prone to sucide with self-condemned mentality and complete self-control ability.”

The source said that A-do was currently in Singapore to receive treatment for his mental illness.

In 2013, A-do once revealed through his Weibo that he felt terrified and panicked that he could not adapt to the pressure of the environment after he rose to fame. He had to depend on medication for his anxiety disorder and his weight increased to 80kg because of the side effects of medication.

As to the recent rumours of his severe depression, his agency has denied and said “A-do is working as usual and is preparing for his new album.”

Source: Apple Daily

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Edison Chen furious that his daughter is exposed

Early this year, Edison Chen reportedly has become a father, as his model girlfriend Qin Shu Pei was said to be pregnant.

Recently, a family portrait of Edison holding a baby girl surfaced, and it was reported that the baby is Edison’s daughter, Alaia. The family is said to be celebrating Alaia’s 100th day birth.

Reports said that Edison had wanted to protect his daughter from the public criticisms and hence refused to admit that he had become a father.

As Edison has to travel frequently for his fashion business, and his girlfriend Qin Shu Pei also has to continue her modelling career, the couple will leave Alaia in the care of Edison’s mother in Germany.

Although Edison has been careful protecting his daughter, he did not expect his foreign stylist friend to upload the family photo on the Instagram. Edison is said to be extremely angry upon know that the photo had went viral.

Source: Sina

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