Poseidon, Amphitrite reincarnated in My Poseidon

Idol drama My Poseidon 我的波塞冬, starring Zhang Yunlong as Poseidon and Eleanor Lee as a marine geologist who is the modern reincarnate of Amphitrite, has finished filming and released some stills. The drama features the two re-falling in love in modern … Continue reading

Zhang Yixing, Wang Zixuan’s The Golden Eyes releases first teaser

Based on Dayan’s novel of the same name, The Golden Eyes 黄金瞳 stars Zhang Yixing (Operation Proposal) as Zhuang Rui, an ordinary pawn shop intern who is suddenly able to see through objects after getting struck by a magical piece of jade. Zhuang … Continue reading

Like a Flowing River’s Trailer is Perfect

The trailer for Like a Flowing River 大江大河 only covers like the first two episodes of the TV seriesand I’ve already cried at least three times re-watching it. The book was already nuanced, but the drama per the trailer seems to … Continue reading

“Soul Mate” is Being Adaptation Into a Series

Award-winning film Soul Mate 七月与安生 is being made into a drama called Another Me, starring young actress Shen Yue, Chen Duling, and Xiong Ziqi.  The drama follows the story of two girls seemingly destined to be together forever as they … Continue reading

Melodrama Goodbye My Princess releases second trailer

Torturous melo Goodbye My Princess has released a trailer that actually shows the faces of the leads Peng Xiaoran and Chen Xingxu, who play the main protagonists Xiao-Feng and crown prince Li Chengyin (Gu Xiaowu). [Extended Synopsis] (Click CC for subs) Wei Qianxiang (Flipped in … Continue reading

Liu Tao, Yuan Quan lead dramas commemorating 40 years of China’s open-door policy

Two new dramas celebrating the 40th anniversary of China’s open-door policy have started filming, and there’s another handful ready to air (titles below). I’d say at least half of the shows are aiming for a Flying Apsaras award, which has a … Continue reading

Promo Round-up: The Way We Were

Starring Tang Yan and Luo Jin, The Way We Were focuses on Chinese students studying abroad at Stanford, and the struggles they face in a foreign environment. There’s also an anti-corruption subplot, as the male lead’s father, played by veteran Wang Zhiwen, is a shady … Continue reading