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“General, Scholar, Eunuch” Actors Matthew Ho and Rebecca Zhu Rumored to be Dating

Matthew Ho and Rebecca Zhu have reportedly gotten close after filming the TVB comedy.

Priscilla Wong in Talks to Play Edwin Siu’s Daughter in “A General, a Scholar, and a Eunuch” Sequel

Priscilla Wong in Talks to Play Edwin Siu’s Daughter in “A General, a Scholar, and a Eunuch” Sequel

TVB is considering a sequel for their latest comedy drama A General, a Scholar, and a Eunuch <超時空男臣>, which has been seeing a solid increase in ratings since its debut on July 17.

The time-traveling comedy stars Edwin Siu (蕭正楠), Raymond Cho (曹永廉), and Matthew Ho (何廣沛) as the titular characters, three historical men from the Ming dynasty who time travels to present-day Hong Kong. The first week of episodes drew in an average rating of 24.5 points, followed by 25.8 points on the second week. On the third week of broadcast, A General scored a solid 26.8 points, drawing in an average of 1.73 million viewers.

With a solid audience base, TVB has expressed interest in producing a sequel for the show, which will continue the story of the general, the scholar, and the eunuch traveling back to their homeland and time. It is reported that TVB is trying to recruit Priscilla Wong (黃翠如) to play a cyborg of the future, who travels back in time with them.

Producer Marco Law (羅永賢) said, “It’s in serious consideration. The idea is that the three main characters will travel back to the Ming Dynasty from the present day, and will have to readjust back to their old life again. They may also bring Kristal Tin (田蕊妮) and Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗) with them, and they’re going to have to learn about their new life. There’s a lot of room for the imagination!”

The producer added that he plans on creating a new character for the show, a cyborg from the year 2030, who follows the main characters back to Ming China. The producer plans to cast Priscilla Wong in the role.

“If all of this works out, they won’t be playing a couple,” said the producer when asked about Edwin and Priscilla’s relationship line for the sequel. “I may write her as Edwin’s daughter or Raymond’s daughter.”

Reporters approached Priscilla for confirmation, who said she hasn’t received any information from TVB about her new casting. “That is hilarious. Is this true? If it is then it’s going to be so much fun! I really enjoy the show, and I’ve heard that the cast had a blast filming it.”

Mentioning that her boyfriend, Edwin, doesn’t want her to have any intimate scenes with Raymond, Priscilla said, “Haha! I don’t know if that’s true but I would love to play a couple with Raymond!”

Asking Edwin if he has heard about the sequel, he said, “I’m excited! I have heard about it from Marco. Hopefully he’ll put me back on the show!”


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Priscilla Wong Denies Wedding Rumors: “Didn’t Know We Were Planning”

Priscilla Wong Denies Wedding Rumors: “Didn’t Know We Were Planning”

August wedding rumors between Priscilla Wong (黃翠如) and Edwin Siu (蕭正楠) have been going on for a while. In March, gossip mags reported that Edwin and Priscilla had plans to go on a vacation in August to register their marriage out of town. As Priscilla had just completed a variety show in Japan, and Edwin would finish the filming of his drama in late August, the timing seemed perfect. Reportedly, Priscilla and Edwin would go on a long vacation next year after their wedding reception, to spend time traveling and starting their family.

They have since denied the claims, of course. They explained that both of them were invited to do a feature for Carol Cheng’s (鄭裕玲) variety show DoDo Goes Shopping Again <Do姐再去Shopping>, in August, so a wedding would not be possible.

August wedding rumors started circulating again this week, but Priscilla was quick to deny the claims. She said, “I didn’t know about all these plans until I read the magazines. Thank you for your concerns! Both of us are very laid-back people, so having that many plans don’t really suit our lifestyle. Thank you to those who care about this more than us.”

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Grace Wong’s Husband Upset by Kissing Scene

Grace Wong’s Husband Upset by Kissing Scene

At a promotional event for A General, A Scholar, and an Eunuch <超時空男臣>, Grace Wong (王君馨), revealed her husband Daniel‘s shocking reaction when he watched her kiss scene with Raymond Cho (曹永廉).

Unable to contain her laughter, Grace said her husband started cursing when he saw the kissing scene. Upon hearing this, Edwin Siu (蕭正楠) jumped in, “Of course, if my other half has to kiss Raymond, I would be swearing too. Pretty sure it’ll be multiple swear words. He [Grace’s husband] is already very conservative and very polite. Your husband has good manners.”

When asked what he would do if his girlfriend Priscilla Wong (黃翠如) were to kiss his good friend Raymond in a drama, Edwin laughed, “I would tell her to reject the series! I wouldn’t be able to take it, I just can’t do it. I don’t know how many times she’ll have to rinse her mouth before I can kiss her. I would die.”

Not surprised at both Daniel and Edwin’s reactions, Raymond revealed that his wife has not watched the show yet, but perhaps she would be equally as angry. Siding with Edwin, Raymond said he would turn down kiss scenes with Priscilla in the future for the sake of their friendship.

After a week of broadcast, A General, A Scholar, and an Eunuch has been performing fairly well, averaging 24.5 viewership points so far. Even TVB Chairman, Charles Chan (陳國強), complimented the series. Hoping to boost ratings, Edwin jokingly suggested that Grace should kiss Raymond again in celebration if the ratings keep increasing.

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