Fighter of the Destiny has release date

Release date’s here!

Fighter of the Destiny 择天记 has a scheduled release date of April 17th.  Starring Lu HanGulnazarWu QianYao DiZeng ShunxiXu LingyueJu XianhaoZhang JunzhuGao HanyuChen Shu, and Eric Tsang, trailers and other goodies for those interested.

More stills below the cut.

Promo 1


Stills for Fighter of the Destiny

Fighter of the Destiny 择天记 stills today.  Starring Lu Han, Gulnazar, Wu Qian, Yao Di, Zeng Shunxi, Xu Lingyue, Ju Xianhao, Zhang Junzhu, Gao Hanyu, Chen Shu, and Eric Tsang, I apologize if there are repeats since something seems to have messed up the images in my previous posts and now I am having … Continue reading