Zhou Dongyu, Yi Yangqianxi confirmed for Soul Mate director’s new film

Loosely based on Jiu Yuexi’s In His Youth, In Her Beauty, the new film from Derek Tsang (Soul Mate) is titled In His Youth 少年的你, and focuses on the issue of schoolyard bully and its consequences. Zhou Dongyu (Us and Them) plays model student Chen Nian, and Yi Yangqianxi (currently seen … Continue reading

First stills for Chen Kun, Zhou Xun’s upcoming wuxia film

Chen Kun and Zhou Xun are reuniting after 6 years in upcoming wuxia film The Weary Poet** 诗眼倦天涯 (lit.). The film comes from solid director-writer Xu Haofeng, whose credits include The Grandmaster 一代宗师, The Great Protector 镖门 and The Final Master 师父. Swordsman Wen Sanchun (Zhou Xun) is on the … Continue reading

Sci-fi film The Pathfinder looks like Mad Max in space

After spaceship The Pathfinder breaks down on a new planet, one team of explorers must return to the spaceship and save its survivors before times out. Sci-fi film The Pathfinder 拓星者 is the directorial debut of producer Zhang Xiaobei, so … Continue reading