Promo Round-up: Nothing Gold Can Stay

Nothing Gold Can Stay seems like it’s going to take the crown of being the fastest period drama to get on air – female lead Sun Li wrapped up filming in May, and the 74 episode drama is all ready to air tonight.

The story follows the life of Zhou Ying (Sun Li), the richest merchant in the late Qing dynasty. She marries Wu Ping (Peter Ho) to help him ward off bad luck, yet his untimely death means she has to take over the family business, much to the dismay of his greedy relatives. Unfortunately the journey is far from smooth – there’s the feud with the Shen family, political machinations in the royal court, and the betrayals by Wu Ping’s secret admirer Hu Yongmei (Myolie Wu) and his sister Wu Yi (Zeng Qi).

Shen Xingyi (Chen Xiao) is a sheltered and happy-go-lucky young lad who doesn’t get involved in his family business until much later, though the hatred between the two households doesn’t stop him from pursuing Zhou Ying.

Opening theme: Can’t Forget by Sun Li (title)

Ending Theme: I am the only one reluctant to let go by Zhang Lei

Insert song: You Once Said by Yu Kewei (Cui Zige’s version was featured in the first teaser)
Insert song: Borrow by Mao Buyi

Behind-the-scenes | Ep 1 – 2 Preview

A closer look at the costumes, designed by Tim Yip:

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Music Monday: June 12, 2017

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Stranger in the North – Namewee ft Wang Leehom

Malaysian singer Namewee adds to the countless songs about the dream chasers  lost in the strange allure and fog of the Northern Capital (Beijing). I don’t think Leehom has ever lived in Beijing, but who can complain about him.

Animal World 動物世界 – Joker Xue Zhiqian

It’s so great to see Xue Zhiqian’s talents finally being recognized (not so much for that name change from Jacky to Joker, though) .  Love all of the new MV’s so far. Also check out 曖昧 , I’m Afraid 我害怕, and  Sophisticated 高尚  .

Liang Liang 凉凉  –  Zhang Bichen ft. Aska Yang

You’ve probably all heard this by now, but this is one of the few ancient drama themes I’ve liked in the past year, but here it is accompanied by the dancing of SWIN boyband’s Liu Ye and Umut:

Pizza – Miss Ko

We all needed this diss track of a pizza place.

Me, myself, and I 我 – 耀乐团  Yaoband 

Composed almost solely of idioms praising himself, this is one of the most narcissistic yet addictive songs from Yaoband.

H.E.N.R.Y.  – Julia Wu

In addition to spamming the director of I Am Singer with M.I.C. requests, I have also been PMing him to invite Aussie singer Julia Wu as their overseas singer next season. Her crew Chyna House, which produces great rnb music with all artists of Chinese descent, is headed by the extremely talented terrytyelee and kind of awesome . You might remember them from the OST to Tiny Times.

Here’s her MV released a while ago .  I keep thinking it’s an ode to our own Benji since the chorus sounds like  “I’m gonna be H.E.N.R.Y. ,  kind of Benji”

Bring your girlfriend home – Lan Yingying, Cao Jun

Real-life couple Lan Yingying (Empresses in the Palace,  The Surgeons) and Cao Jun (Lotus Lantern) are simply too sweet in this duet. She kind of reminds me of  Ni Ni when she smiles.

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