Grace Chan Wants to Get Married in Taiwan

Grace Chan Wants to Get Married in Taiwan

With no current filming obligations for TVB, Grace Chan (陳凱琳) went to Taiwan to attend a tourism promotional event. Grace fondly shared that she has an exceptional affinity towards Taiwan, and would like to get married there.

After Grace signed up to join the Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2013, her parents had taken her to Taiwan to help ease her nerves. She joked that the trip made her even more uneasy, because she was worried about missing messages from the company. Fortunately, she did not receive notification until a few weeks after returning from Taiwan. She has since held on to the belief that Taiwan is her lucky place.

When asked whether she knew that her boyfriend, Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎), also first found success in his career in Taiwan, Grace nodded in agreement and said, “I want to find a chance for us to go [to Taiwan], so we can make some memories together!” When asked whether she would consider getting married in Taiwan, Grace said, “I would consider it. He has lived there for a period of time, so he is familiar with it. He can take me around to eat!”

Turning 25 years old in June, Grace shared that Kevin is currently busy with work in Mainland China and will not be returning until August. Although he will not be in town for her birthday, she said, “We may celebrate early! In Taiwan! Three days, and two nights would be enough. Yep, let’s just call it that!”


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