2017 Weibo Awards Ceremony

The four most bankable actresses (四小花旦) of the post-85 generation: Yang Mi, Angelababy, Ni Ni and Liu Shishi, as chosen by netizens and industry insiders.

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Sina’s prepared random awards for all attendees, and the actor-related ones are listed below:

Weibo King: Deng Chao
Weibo Queen: Yang Mi
Weibo Entertainers of the Year: He Jiong, Huang Bo, Jolin Tsai
Weibo Gods of the Year:
 Wallace Chung, Wang Kai, Tong Dawei, Lu Yi
Weibo Goddesses of the Year: Ni Ni, Liu Shishi, Yuan Quan, Hu Jing
Weibo Most Searched Celebrities of the Year: Li Yifeng, Angelababy
Weibo Popular Stars of the Year: Zhang Yishan, Yang Zi, Jing Tian, Guan Xiaotong
Actors of the Year: Liu Tao, Pan Yueming
Movies of the Year: Wolf Warrior II, Twenty Two, Youth
Drama of the Year: In the Name of the People
Web Drama of the Year: Day & Night


Jolin Tsai

Yang Mi

Ni Ni

Liu Shishi

Guli Nazha

Jing Tian

Li Yuchun

Yuan Quan in Robeto Cavalli

Liu Tao in Alexander Arutyunov

Kris Wu in Burberry

Li Yifeng in Gucci

Wallace Chung in Burberry, Wang Kai in Lanvin, Tong Dawei, Lu Yi

Huang Bo, He Jiong (MC), Jolin Tsai

TF Boys

Angelababy, Deng Chao

Guan Xiaotong, Yang Zi, Zhang Yishan (three of the most popular post-90s actors)

Yang Zi in Temperley London


Ethan Juan Gets Inside Serial Killer Mindset for “The Liquidator”

Ethan Juan Gets Inside Serial Killer Mindset for “The Liquidator”

New suspense film The Liquidator <心理罪之城市之光> stars Deng Chao (鄧超),  Cecilia Liu (劉詩詩), Ethan Juan (阮經天) and Karena Lam (林嘉欣). With the help of forensic fingerprint expert Cecilia Liu, criminal psychologist Deng Chao tracks down serial killer Ethan Ruan.

Portraying a serial killer who targets people that have been acquitted of their crimes, Ethan’s character is a complete 180-degree turn from his usual roles. In order to adjust his mindset and get into character, Ethan spent many hours watching films that possess serial killers with a twisted mind, including Joker in The Dark Knight, to get inspiration. He even isolated himself from the cast and crew and rejected Deng Chao’s social invitations.

Reflecting on the rejection, Deng Chao jokingly said, “During filming, it was obvious Ethan was purposely avoiding us. But I think he was doing the right thing! After a while, we would know what to do without him telling us. Everyone would see him and say ‘He’s here! Everyone walk away now!’”

Ethan also expressed his embarrassment over the matter, “During filming, whenever I showed up, the entire cast and crew would automatically avoid me! I feel very bad about it, but I’m also very conflicted. A part of me is very sad to depart from my character, but at the same time, I feel that a part of the character is already in me!”

Despite not socializing with the cast, Ethan was still full of praises for his costars. “Filming with them is not like filming at all. There is a strong sense of being in the character. It feels very real and draws on experiences that occur in real life.”

Karena Lam especially allowed Ethan to get into character, as she made him truly believe that she is one and the same as her character.

Reflecting on his own acting experiences, Ethan shared that now he has a different mindset when it comes to honing his acting skills. “Before, I felt that I needed to experience a lot of ups and downs in real life. I once even hated myself for living in such a peaceful and happy place. But my perspective has changed these past few years. I began to feel that what I needed in real life was a sense of stability – a stable life and stable emotions.”

Ethan Ruan’s Performance in “The Liquidator”

Sources: On.cc [1,2]

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

Nothing Gold Can Stay: Deng Chao “Apologizes” to Male Cast Members on Behalf of Sun Li

Nothing Gold Can Stay: Deng Chao “Apologizes” to Male Cast Members on Behalf of Sun Li

August 30th was the big premiere day for Sun Li’s (孙俪) latest television drama Nothing Gold Can Stay <那年花开月正圆>, a turn-of-the-century story about a strong woman who breaks societal expectations and conventions to start her own business. The period drama also stars Chen Xiao (陈晓), Peter Ho (何潤東), Myolie Wu (胡杏兒), Ren Zhong (任重), and Yu Haoming (俞灏明).

Sun Li portrays Zhou Ying, a strong-willed, non-traditional Shaanxi woman who overcomes barriers to become the first female pupil of the Wu family. She strikes an interesting friendship with the second young master Chen Xinyi (Chen Xiao) and Wu Pin (Peter Ho), bringing out her straightforward personality. Zhou Ying grew up as a fighter, and often breaks into physical altercations with men.

Sun Li herself has described her role “a bit like the sassy girlfriend, probably the most disobedient woman in the entire city.” In a society women are expected to stay at home and raise children, Zhou Ying is a fighter and longs to take control of her own life.

Deng Chao (邓超), Sun Li’s husband, promoted the drama on his Weibo, writing, “As her husband I apologize to all the men she had beaten up [on the show].”

Netizens joked along. One wrote, “To promote his wife’s new drama, he really sacrificed everything.” Another commented, “You of all people have all the right to talk about this.”

Nothing Gold Can Change airs on Dragon TV, Jiang TV, and Tencent Video.

“Nothing Gold Can Change” Extended Trailer

Source: Sohu.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

Sun Li, Deng Chao to romance each other onscreen in upcoming period film

Shadow 影 will be real-life married couple Deng Chao (The Dead End) and Sun Li’s (Legend of Mi Yue) third film collaboration, after Mural 画壁 and Devil and Angel 恶棍天使. Those movies were quite disastrous, so here’s to hoping Zhang Yimou (The Flowers of WarComing Home) can work his magic this time round.

The story will be set in the ancient province of Jingzhou, a key province that was split between the three warlords Cao Cao (Wei), Liu Bei (Shu) and Sun Quan (Wu).

Shadow had earlier confirmed a solid supporting cast that includes Zheng Kai (Precious Youth), Hu Jun (In the Silence), Wang Qianyuan (The Battle at the Dawn), Wu Lei (Magic Star) and Guan Xiaotong (Castle in the Sky).

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Deng Chao, Liu Shishi for crime thriller The Liquidator

The Liquidator 心理罪之城市之光 is based on Lei Mi’s novel of the same name, and stars Deng Chao (Duckweed), Ethan Ruan (Begin Again) and Liu Shishi (Lost Love in Times).

Deng Chao stars as Fang Mu, a genius detective who has exceptional powers of observation and deduction. He uses his skills to track down the criminal behind a string of serial murder cases with the help of forensic scientist Mi Nan, played by Liu Shishi.

Ethan Ruan stars as Jiang Ya, a psychopathic killer who monitors every seedy citizen in the city and murders them when they show the slightest desire of committing crime. Jiang Ya sees himself as the saviour and the only ray of light in a dark and corrupt city.

Guest stars include Karena Lam (Heaven in the Dark) as a mysterious person who will steer the protagonists in the right direction and Guo Jingfei (Happy Mitan) as a lawyer who is prone to making some amoral choices.

The movie is directed and written by Xu Jizhou (Rookie Agent Rouge), and will premiere on September 30th.


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Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming are China’s Highest-Earning Celebrity Couple

Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming are China’s Highest-Earning Celebrity Couple

When one thinks of a popular celebrity couple, the first one to come to mind would probably be Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明), a couple so popular and well-known that they’ve become the main face of endorsements wherever they go.

And that’s not entirely untrue. According to a Chinese media report, Angelababy herself carries about 47 endorsements on her own. Though she is not China’s highest-paid actress—Fan Bingbing (范冰冰) is still on top—her combined earnings with her husband clearly puts them as the most profitable Chinese celebrities in the world.

Angelababy’s stay on the charts is impressive—despite having to take a hiatus for maternity leave, Angelababy’s exposure rate persisted throughout the year. The 28-year-old signed with Adidas and Dior only weeks after giving birth to her son “Little Sponge”, and on June 1, TAG Heuer announced Angelababy as its global ambassador.

In April 2017, a Chinese news outlet released a list of the 100 most-valuable celebrities in China last year. Out of the top 100, there were nine couples.

Chinese actress Fan Bingbing was 2016’s most valued and powerful celebrity, topping all charts across the board. Earning 244 million RMB, Fan Bingbing was not only the highest-earning celebrity, she was also the trendiest artist. Coming second place is Hong Kong action legend Jackie Chan (成龍), earning 168 million RMB. Number three is Taiwanese pop singer Jay Chou (周杰倫) who, while earning more than Jackie with 181.5 million RMB, was a few places behind in terms of media exposure and mobile searches.

Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming were respectively the eighth and sixth highest-earning artists, but in terms of combined earnings as a couple, they earned more than Fan Bingbing and Li Chen (李晨). Angelababy and Huang Xioaming earned 314.7 million RMB, followed by Fan Bingbing and Li Chen at 287.6 million RMB. Third place was Yang Mi (楊冪) and Hawick Lau (劉愷威), earning 199 million RMB.

Another interesting note is that, of the nine couples, three of the female celebrities earned more than their male partners. Fan Bingbing’s 244 million RMB  was nearly six times the amount of Li Chen’s 43.6 million RMB. Yang Mi earned 124.8 million RMB, while Hawick Lau earned 74.2 million RMB. Cecilia Liu (劉詩詩) earned 50.9 million RMB, ahead of her husband Nicky Wu’s (吳奇隆) 18.1 million RMB.

Check out nine of the highest-earning celebrity couples below!

1) Angelababy (#8) and Huang Xiaoming (#6) — 314.7 million RMB
2) Fan Bingbing (#1) and Li Chen (#74) — 287.6 million RMB
3) Yang Mi (#12) and Hawick Lau (#40) — 199 million RMB
4) Sun Li (#21) and Deng Chao (#15) — 187.5 million RMB
5) Cecilia Liu (#44) and Nicky Wu (#63) — 119.9 million RMB
6) Carina Lau (#60) and Tony Leung (#52) — 114.1 million RMB
7) Ruby Lin (#95) and Wallace Huo (#39) — 103.2 million RMB
8) Xie Na (#99) and Jason Zhang (#68) — 74 million RMB
9) Zhang Ziyi (#94) and Wang Feng (#93) — 57.3 million RMB

Sources: 1, 2

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Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming are China’s Highest-Earning Celebrity Couple

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