Yang Zishan, Han Dongjun reunite after four years in Never Gone

The first trailer for modern romance drama Never Gone has been released, and stars Yang Zishan (Red Rose) and Han Dongjun (Wuxin: The Monster Killer 2) as a young couple whose sweet romance through high school and university crumbles after getting hit by the harsh realities of life outside the school yard. Talented young actors Li Landi (of cult hit My Huckleberry Friends) and Hu Xianxu (Nirvana in Fire II) play the younger counterparts.

Li Chengbin (Operation Proposal) plays second male lead Shen Ju’an, husband of Cheng Zheng’s (Han Dongjun) older cousin Zhang Yue (Lan Yingying) and Su Yunjin’s ex-boyfriend.

Su Qing (I almost didn’t recognise here) costars as Mo Yuhua, Su Yunjin’s best friend who has a one-sided love for playboy Zhou Ziyi, played by Tan Jianci (The Advisors Alliance). He’s aware of Yuhua’s affections, but chooses to do nothing about it (judging from the trailer, he may reciprocate her feelings after all).

Directed by Lin Yufen (Ten Miles Peach Blossoms, Lost Love in Times), the 36 episode has yet to secure an air date.


Yang Zi, Li Xian confirmed for sweet rom-com Go Go Squid!

Based on Mobao Feibao’s novel of the same name, Go Go Squid! 蜜汁炖鱿鱼 stars Yang Zi (Ode to Joy 2) as Tong Nian, a cover singer of Japanese songs and a genius IT programming student. Li Xian (Tientsin Mystic) plays Han Shangyan, a legendary professional gamer with a high IQ and EQ who doesn’t take an interest to girls.

Tong Nian falls head over heels in love with Han Shangyan the night he walks into the internet cafe she is working at. The clumsy yet cute Tong Nian is on a mission to win over Han Shangyan’s affections, and eventually thaws his cold heart.

The fluffy romance drama will be produced by Huace/Croton Media’s Gcoo Entertainment (Boss & Me, My Sunshine, Love O2O), and is scheduled for 30 episodes.

An English translation of the novel can be found here.


Wu Xiubo, Angelababy seek comfort in each other in City of Desire

Here’s our first look at City of Desire (I’m glad they changed the name, because Desire and the City just gives the wrong impression), the upcoming modern drama starring Wu Xiubo and Angelababy as two lonely individuals who come together to heal each other, and eventually fall in love. Extended synopsis here.

Ren Zhong (Nothing Gold Can Stay) plays the second male lead, who seems like he will be romantically involved with the female lead.


Handsome Siblings and The Smiling Proud Wanderer get the remake treatment again

The new version of Handsome Siblings 绝代双骄 is directed by Zou Zicheng (second director of The Stand-In) started filming today, and has confirmed Chen Zheyuan (Legend of Zu 2) as Xiaoyu’er and Hu Yitian (A Love So Beautiful) as Hua Wuque. Hu Yitian’s acting skills is his biggest weakness, and he really needs to pull a Nic Tse (whose good looks could somewhat cover for his wooden acting) to make this work.

The Smiling Proud Wanderer 笑傲江湖 is getting remade again just 5 years after Wallace Huo and Joe Chen’s version, though hopefully there won’t be any gender-bending twists this time round.

They’ve cast a bunch of newbies in the main roles, with Ding Guansen (Fist & Faith),as Linghu Chong, Ding Yuxi as Dongfang Bubai, Chen Xun as Lin Pingzhi, Xue Haojing as Ren Yingying and Jiang Zixin as Yue Lingshan. Directed by Jin Chen (Sparrow), the drama finished filming in May 2017, and will air on Youku sometime this year.


Dilraba and her A Thousand and One Dreams of Deng Lun

Dilraba is absolutely adorable in this latest trailer for sci-fi rom-com Sweet Dreams 一千零一夜 with Deng Lun.  Also, can we talk about how unrealistic it is for Dilraba to be chasing over guys in every single show? In real life, all the men (and women) should be chasing her.


Air date update, February 2018


Soul Ferry: The Underworld 灵魂摆渡:黄泉篇 – Feb 1
Featuring: Yu Yi, Yue Lina, He Hua
Details: Web film on iQiyi
Final installment of the Soul Ferry web series, and revolves around the last Meng Po / Lady of Forgetfulness.

Negotiator 谈判官 – Feb 4
Featuring: Yang Mi, Huang Zitao, Dylan Kuo, Mao Linlin
Details: 42 episodes, daily drama on Hunan TV
Two genius negotiators go from bickering friends to lovers to unwilling enemies due to family feuds. Spin-off of The Interpreters.

Blooming Flowers Shall Send Us On Our Way / Memories of Love 一路繁花相送 – Feb 7
Featuring: Wallace Chung, Jiang Shuying, Aaron Yan, Li Sheng, Christopher Lee
Details: ~41 episodes, daily drama on Dragon TV / Jiangsu TV
A pair of first loves rekindle their relationship after a decade apart.

Debut 二分之一美少年 – Feb 8
Featuring: Ye Zicheng, Zhou Sheng
Details: 23 episodes, 5 episodes every Wednesday on Mango TV
Focuses on a group of boys who want to debut as a boy band together. There’s already a variety show / rip off of Produce 101 on the same subject if anyone’s interested (it also features Fan Bingbing’s younger brother).

The Lost Swordship 飘香剑雨 – Feb 8
Featuring: Wu You, Ren Yankai
Details: 38 episodes, 2 eps every Thurs-Fri on iQiyi
Martial artist Yi Feng’s wife is taken hostage in exchange for a powerful sword manual, and he begins a desperate search for his true love with the help of heroine Sun Min. Based on Gu Long’s wuxia novel of the same name.

Once Upon A Time in Taiwan 台湾往事 – Feb 20
Featuring: Zuo Xiaoqing, Liu Yihao
Details: 45 episodes, daily drama on Zhejiang TV
The story of three friends who each do their part to save their country from Japanese invasion.

My Father, My Soldier 我的父亲我的兵 – Feb 26
Featuring: Zhang Yishan, Liu Wei
Details: 49 episodes, daily drama on CCTV-8
Father and son reunite on the battlefield after decades apart, and work together to save their country.

Wonderful Life 美好生活 – Feb 28
Featuring: Zhang Jiayi, Li Xiaoran, Song Dandan
Details: 45 episodes, daily drama on Dragon TV / Beijing TV
The male lead leaves behind a failing business and broken marriage in America, and finds true love after returning back home.

Li Xiaoran in Wonderful Life


Secret of the Three Kingdoms releases opening and second trailer

The popularity of stylish openings has exploded ever since Nirvana in Fire and The Disguiser premiered, and Secret of the Three Kingdoms doesn’t want to get left behind: HD Opening.

The second trailer isn’t as interesting as the first, but gives us more insight into the friendship between the two male leads.

Introduction to the Female Characters | Extended Synopsis

Ma Tianyu plays twins Liu Xie and Liu Ping, and the latter returns to the palace to take his older brother’s role as the last emperor of the Eastern Han Dynasty. History tells us that his attempts to wrest power away from warlord Cao Cao were futile, and his empress Fushou (Wan Qian) is killed in the process.

Han Dongjun plays Sima Yi, a good friend of Liu Ping who later goes to serve the Cao faction, while Tan Jianci, who played Sima Zhao in screenwriter Chang Jiang’s other Three Kingdoms drama The Advisors Alliance, costars as Cao Pi.

There’s been a steady stream of promos for this show, so we’ll probably see the 40 episode historical romance drama on Tencent soon.

Dong Jie as Tang Ying

Sunny Wang as Guo Jia

Dong Xuan as Diao Chan

Tse Kwanho as Cao Cao

Tu Nan as Man Chong