Zhang Yishan plays seven different personalities in upcoming romantic comedy

Seven Versions of Myself is the official remake of Korean drama Kill Me, Heal Me and stars Zhang Yishan as a man with seven personalities. Cai Wenjing (Above the Clouds) plays a first year psychiatry resident and his love interest. Zhang Xiaoqian (Ode to Joy) plays her twin brother, and Gao Taiyu (Xuanyuan Sword: Clouds of Han) rounds out the main quartet as the hero’s cousin and main rival.

The 34 episode drama premieres on December 13th, and will release two episodes every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 10pm (Tencent).


Jackson Yi Yangqianxi, Huang Zitao, Hu Bingqing cast in upcoming Republican drama

Based on Han Lu’s manhua of the same name, Yan Shi Fan: New Youth 艳势番之新青年 is an upcoming Republican era drama starring Jackson Yi Yangqianxi (Song of Phoenix)Huang Zitao (Chinese Odyssey: Love You For Ten Thousand Years) and Hu Bingqing (Midnight Diner).

Ah Yi (Jackson Yi) befriends Manchu noble Chong Liming (Huang Zitao) by chance, and the latter uses his identity as a beile (prince of the third rank) to grant Ah Yi entry into Yan Shi Fan, the name given to the group of imperial guards responsible for protecting the imperial family.

Chong Liming’s desperate attempts to remove the corrupt officials and save the Qing empire fails, and he ultimately decides to join Ah Yi and the revolutionaries in the fight for a new world. The two male leads will probably be involved in a love triangle with princess Aisin·Gioro Chuyu (Hu Bingqing).

The 48 episode drama is directed by Liu Yizhi (True Colour of Beauty, Micro Times) and written by Su Peng (Hero’s Dreamand will air on streaming site Youku in 2019.

I’m not a big fan of the casting, but at least the poster is creative?


Shawn Dou, Nazha in character for romance drama Ten Years Late

Promotional tagline: “Time is limited, so please don’t hide.”

Shawn Dou (Tribes and Empires) is reuniting with the director of See You Again in upcoming romance drama Ten Years Late 十年三月三十日, a loose adaption of Fumi Saimon’s manga series Asunaro Hakusho. Nazha (Fighter of the Destiny) has joined the cast as the female lead.

Yuan Lai (Nazha) was recommended into a sports college, but forgoes the opportunity, and instead decides to attend university with Jin Ran (Shawn Dou). An exciting new chapter of their life begins, and they become fast friends with law student Zhao Chengzhi (Xu Zhengxi) and his girlfriend Shen Shuangshuang (Song Yanfei).

Yuan Lai and Jin Ran drift apart after graduation, and eventually separate due to a misunderstanding. A decade later, Jin Ran returns to Shanghai as a successful executive, and rekindles his romance with Yuan Lai, who is now a product manager at the same travel company.

Written by Dong Xinru (Lost Love in Times), Zou Jiani (Lost Love in Times web special) and Yu Jing, the 45 episode drama started filming a couple of weeks ago.


Air date update, December 2017

The Butterfly Lovers 梁山伯与祝英台 – Dec 4
Featuring: Yan Zidong, Lu Zhuo, Lin Fengsong
Details: 30 episodes, weekly drama on Tencent
Adapted from the tragic folktale of the same name.

Flowers Withering Flowers Flying Covering the Sky 花谢花飞花满天 – Dec 4
Featuring: Peter Ho, Zhu Yilong, Zhang Xinyu, Li Xin’ai, Zhu Zixiao, Yu Shaoqun
Details: 66 episodes, daily drama on Zhejiang TV
A rom-com where the female lead switches faces with a princess to avoid being killed, switches back with no consequences and find true love in the process.

Police Beauty and K9 2: Another Journey Begins 警花与警犬之再上征程 – Dec 5
Featuring: Yu Hewei, Hou Mengsha
Details: 46 episodes, daily drama on Shandong TV
Tells of the friendship between a group of female police officers and their police dogs as they go about solving crimes and protecting the people.

Die Now 端脑 (Animated version) – Dec 6
Featuring: Zhu Yuanbing, Jiang Yiyi
Details: 20 episodes, weekly drama on Sohu
A high-school student must level up in role-playing games to maintain a precarious balance between two worlds. Based on Bi Shuiyu’s manhua of the same name.

Mu Muchuan 木木川 – Dec 7
Featuring: Xie Binbin, Huang Deyi, Rong Xi
Details: 24 episodes, weekly drama on iQiyi
Fantasy youth romance drama that follows the life of an otherworldly being who lands on Earth and transforms into a high school student who has a love for baseball.

The Lost Swordship 飘香剑雨 – Dec 7
Featuring: Wu You, Ren Yankai
Details: 50 episodes, weekly drama on iQiyi
Martial artist Yi Feng’s wife is taken hostage in exchange for a powerful sword manual, and he begins a desperate search for his true love with the help of heroine Sun Min. Based on Gu Long’s wuxia novel of the same name.

Growling Tiger, Roaring Dragon 大军师司马懿之虎啸龙吟 – Dec 8
Featuring: Wu Xiubo, Liu Tao, Janine Chang, Wang Luoyong
Details: 43 episodes, weekly drama on Youku
Part 2 of The Advisors Alliance will focus on the rise of the Sima family, and their conflict with Zhuge Liang.

Great Expectations 远大前程 – Dec 10
Featuring: Chen Sicheng, Yuan Hong, Tong Liya, Ni Dahong, Zhao Lixin, Liu Yijun
Details: 61 episodes, daily drama on Hunan TV
The protagonist and his good friend arrive in Republican-era Shanghai and get involved in a power struggle between two companies, and eventually realise the the only way to have a good future is to side with the Communists.


Dear Them 亲爱的她们 – Dec 10
Featuring: Song Dandan, Zhang Ruoyun, Jiang Yan, Liu Lili, Vivian Wu, Athena Chu
Details: 40 episodes, daily drama on Hunan TV
A heart-warming story about a loveable group of aunties and uncles. Official remake of K-drama Dear My Friends.

Blooming Flowers Shall Send Us On Our Way 一路繁华相送 – Dec 18
Featuring: Wallace Chung, Jiang Shuying, Aaron Yan, Christopher Lee
Details: ~41 episodes, daily drama on Dragon TV / Jiangsu TV
A pair of first loves rekindle their relationship after a decade apart.

Nirvana in Fire 2: The Wind Blows in Changlin 琅琊榜之风起长林 – Dec 18
Featuring: Huang Xiaoming, Tong Liya, Liu Haoran, Zhang Huiwen
Details: 45 episodes, 2 eps every Mon-Wed on Dragon TV / Beijing TV
Younger brother on a mission to defeat the corrupt ministers after his older brother dies from poison on the battlefield.

Nirvana in Fire 2: The Wind Blows in Changlin


Soldiers Sortie director’s new drama casts Chen Xiao, Wang Lei as leads

Director Kang Honglei has churned out several solid dramas (See Without Looking, When We Were in France) over the years, but is still best known for 2006 hit drama Soldiers Sortie. He’s returning to familiar ground this time with The Lord of Land War 陆战之王an upcoming military drama about tanks that stars Chen Xiao (Nothing Gold Can Stay) and Wang Lei (Rose Faith) as the protagonists.

Zhang Nengliang (Chen Xiao) is a fuerdai (second generation rich) who fails the university entrance exams and joins the People’s Liberation Army as a member of the tank crew. Squad leader Niu Nuli (Wang Lei) comes from a rural village, and missed out on a place in the military academy twice due to Zhang Nengliang. They start off on the wrong foot, though eventually become fast friends after being allocated to the same team. The only female crew member is Ye Xiaomeng (Cui Bo), an earnest tomboy who becomes the army’s first female tank driver.


Teasers for 2018 anti-corruption dramas starring Liu Tao, Zhang Fengyi and more

Puzzle 拼图 (previously known as Tempest of Anti-Corruption 反贪风暴)

40 episodes, daily drama on Dragon TV and Zhejiang TV
Director: Zheng Xiaolong 
(ER Doctors)
Writers: Ren Yun (Metamorphosis), Gong Xiangdong (Editorial Department Story)

An upright prosecutor (Wang Lei) stumbles upon a bigger conspiracy while investigating a normal worker’s suicide, and his father-in-law’s mysterious disappearance during an anti-corruption investigation case causes a rift between him and his fiancee (Liu Tao), a political news reporter.

In Law We Believe 因法之名

45 episodes, daily drama on Jiangsu TV
Directors: Shen Yan (The First Half of My Life), Liu Haibo (Chinese Style Relationship)
Writer: Zhao Dongling 
(Housing, Red Sorghum)

Police officer Ge Dajie (Li Youbin) and prosecutor Zou Xiong (Zhang Fengyi) are tasked with finding the person responsible for a woman’s brutal murder, and both believe her husband to be the criminal. His fingerprints were indeed found at the scene, though forensic scientist (Ma Shaoye) chooses not to reveal the fact that he also found two other sets of fingerprints.

Years later, Ge Dajie and Zou Xiong’s daughters (played by Shi Tianqi and Li Xiaoran) become involved in the same case, and work together to unravel the truth.

Original Intentions 初心 (also known as Secretary of the CCDI 纪委书记)

A 40 episode drama revolving around Zhao Dasheng, an incorruptible government official (Wang Zhiwen) who uncovers the crimes committed by fellow official Yu Zhongjun (Zhao Lixin). However, Zhao Dasheng’s passion for his job eventually creates a rift between him and his wife (Yu Feihong). Chen Long (Game of Hunting) costars as Zhao Dasheng’s loyal assistant. A teaser can be found here (begins 00:56 mark).


First trailer for Jin Dong, Jiang Shuying’s upcoming rom-com

Here’s the first trailer for Mr. Right, a 2018 drama starring Jin Dong (The First Half of My Life) as a dentist who also dabbles in relationship advice and counselling.

Female lead Jiang Shuying (To Be A Better Man) has a 5 second screen time, but we know from earlier descriptions that she’ll have quite a temper, and will begin a bickering relationship with the dentist-turned-love guru.