The Years You Were Late releases stills, adds Yin Tao as female lead

I commented in an earlier post that The Years You Were Late was sounding a lot like Yin TaoFeather Flies to the Sky, and funnily enough, she was soon confirmed as the female lead opposite Huang Xiaoming (A Life Time Love).

Huang Xiaoming plays Mu Jianfeng, an upright soldier who becomes a businessman after retiring from the military. Despite the change in career, Mu Jianfeng still sees himself as a proper soldier, and doesn’t back down in the face of hardship.

Yin Tao plays Mo Li, a fearless and beautiful young soldier who desires freedom and doesn’t like to take the rules seriously. Mo Li and Mu Jianfeng are separated when the latter travels south to search for new business opportunities, and both of them eventually settle down with new partners.

Qin Hailu (White Deer Plain) plays Zhao Yiqin, the charming girl next door who falls in love with Mu Jianfeng. Cao Bingkun (The Battle at the Dawn) plays a disabled businessman who values money above all else, though Zhao Yiqin’s appearance eventually thaws his cold heart.

Directed by Lin Ke (A Unique Militiaman) and written by original author Yan Geling (Youth), the 30 episode drama is still in the midst of filming.

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Long trailer and new stills for The Wind Blows in Changlin

Screenwriter and novelist Hai Yan has teamed up with Daylight Entertainment again to produce The Wind Blows in Changlin, a sequel to 2015 hit drama Nirvana in Fire.

Huang Xiaoming (A Life Time Love) plays Xiao Pingzhang, son of Tingsheng, the Prince of Changlin and general of the Liang dynasty’s most powerful army. Just like their predecessors in the original, the Changlin army falls into a trap set up by corrupt officials led by Xun Baishui (Bi Yanjun), the empress (Mei Ting) and undercover spy Pu Yangying (Guo Jingfei). Pu Yangying tries to wipe out the Changlin army by poisoning all the water wells, and from the trailer, it seems like Xiao Pingzhang sacrifices himself to save younger brother Xiao Pingjing, played by Liu Haoran (Founding of an Army). 

The fate of the country is in the hands of a gullible child (Hu Xianxu) once the emperor (Liu Jun) passes away, and Xiao Pingjing must prove Changlin’s loyalty to the current ruler before they suffer the same fate as the Chiyan Army. He’ll be helped by his love interest Lin Xi (Zhang Huiwen), sister-in-law Meng Qianxue (Tong Liya) and loyal general Xun Feizhan (Zhang Bo).

The Wind Blows in Changlin will be airing sometime next year (or late this year, depending on Dragon TV’s schedule) as a weekly drama.

Xiao Pingzhang, oldest son of Tingsheng.

Meng Qianxue, grand-niece of General Meng Zhi and wife of Xiao Pingzhang.

Lin Xi, a physician with a mysterious background.

Xiao Tingsheng, Prince of Changlin, adopted son of Xiao Jingyan.

Xiao Yuanqi, an ambitious prince and rival of Xiao Pingjing.

Empress Xun, sister of corrupt official Xun Baishui.

Xun Feizhan, a loyal general and powerful martial artist.

Pu Yangying, Xun Baishui’s cunning adviser who is a survivor of the plague that wiped out the Kingdom of Yeqin.

Xun Baishui, a corrupt official who supports Xiao Yuanqi and wants the Prince of Changlin’s military powers for himself.

Mo Zihou, Xiao Yuanqi’s uncle and ally of Xun Baishui and Pu Yangying.

Xun Anru, an innocent and kind-hearted noble lady who is pushed into politics by her lover Xiao Yuanqi and ambitious father Xun Baishui.

Current emperor, son of Xiao Jingyan (appeared as a child in the last episode of Nirvana in Fire).

Xiao Yuanshi, crown prince and future emperor of Liang.

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Huang Xiaoming, Qin Hailu play a married couple in upcoming drama


Huang Xiaoming bowed out of modern idol drama Here to Heart to film this, and was replaced with Zhang Han.

The Years You Were Late 你迟到的许多年 stars Qin Hailu (White Deer Plain) as a soldier turned telephone operator, and Huang Xiaoming (A Life Time Love) as her estranged husband who later becomes an entrepreneur.

The drama is a loose adaption of script writer Yan Geling’s Buyu Cottage, and aims to provide a realistic depiction of the lives of everyday people during the economic reforms of the 1980s. It’s sounding a lot like Yin Tao and Zhang Yi’s sleeper hit Feather Flies to the Sky, so here’s to hoping this drama can replicate the former’s success.

The 30 episode drama is directed by Lin Ke, and started filming a week ago.

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Angelababy: “Self-Discipline is Key to Weight Loss”

Angelababy: “Self-Discipline is Key to Weight Loss”

Since marrying Huang Xiaoming (楊穎) in 2015, Angelababy (黃曉明) gave birth to their son, whom they affectionately nicknamed Little Sponge. Although the couple was spotted celebrating their two-year anniversary a few months ago, Angelababy lamented about the couple’s lack of quality time together. During an interview recently, the 28-year-old actress admonishingly scored her husband seven out of ten points due to his busy work schedule.

When Angelababy was pregnant, she did not gain much weight. Even though she was nine months into her pregnancy and ready for labor, her limbs were still very thin. After giving birth, she returned to her pre-pregnancy figure in no time. Many people felt that the pregnancy was a fraud due to her petite frame throughout her pregnancy period. Some even accused Angelababy of having the baby through surrogacy.

During an interview recently, Angelababy shared that her heaviest pregnancy weight was 119 pounds. She successfully lost 20 pounds after giving birth. The petite actress shared some weight loss tips, “To lose weight after giving birth, it is imperative to have self-discipline. Exercising helps to speed up your metabolism, but the most important thing is to eat less.”


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Zhang Ziyi, Huang Xiaoming, Chang Chen comes of age with a young nation


Best Cinematography of the Year?

The second film from one of China’s best young directors, Li Fangfang (Heaven Eternal, Earth Everlasting), the long anticipated film Forever Young 无问西东 has finally released a trailer after over five years . It’s tentatively set for a late 2017 release.

Starring Zhang Ziyi, Huang Xiaoming, Chang Chen, Wang Leehom, and Chen Chusheng, the ode to Tsinghua University focuses on the coming-of-age of the school and the nation as depicted through five of its students.


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Huang Xiaoming’s “A Life Time Love” Welcomes the Summer

Huang Xiaoming’s “A Life Time Love” Welcomes the Summer

Directed by Raymond Chai (蔡晶盛), the Chinese fantasy drama A Life Time Love <上古情歌> premiered on June 12 on Dragon TV, airing two days a week with three back-to-back episodes per day. The ancient series follows Huang Xiaoming (黄晓明) as Chi Yun and Victoria Song (宋茜) as Mu Qingmo, star-crossed lovers who fight against fate to be together, but are unable to escape their destiny in the end. The drama also stars Peter Sheng (盛一伦), Janice Wu (吴倩), Zhang Li (张俪), and Zhai Tianlin (翟天临).

A Life Time Love is based on Tong Hua’s (曾许诺) novel Once Promised <曾许诺>, or Ceng Xu Nuo, which in turn is based on the canonical text Classic of Mountain and Seas <山海經>, an ancient book that compiled Chinese legends and mythic geography.

The series follows Chi Yun, a rogue driven by revenge and his desire to unite the land under one ruler. Though arrogant and naive, Chi Yun carries his heart on his sleeve, and is pure of spirit. His attitude toward the world changes upon meeting the intelligent and playful Mu Qingmo, a princess from the Kingdom of Xuan Yuan, and they fall in love at first sight. Unable to escape her fate, Qingmo follows her destiny and marries another man, outsetting a tragic love story.

A Life Time Love is a high-budget production, and millions of dollars were spent on the drama’s CGI and digital effects. Because of the story’s fantasy myth background, mythical animals make common appearances throughout the show. The drama was shot using a Previzion camera.

“A Life Time Love” Trailer

Source: Sohu

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Huang Xiaoming, Janine Chang confirmed for drama adaption of Warm Chord

Huang Xiaoming (Xuan Zang) and Janine Chang (Jade) are confirmed to star in Here to Heart 温暖的弦, the drama adaption of An Ning’s classic romance novel Warm Chord.

Wen Nuan (Janine Chang) is hired to be the assistant of her ex-boyfriend and now CEO Zhan Nanxian (Huang Xiaoming). Unbeknownst to her, Zhan Nanxian is planning to make her fall head over heels in love with him and then throw her away, as revenge against her sudden decision to break off their relationship a decade ago. Wen Nuan falls into the honey trap, and is pulled back into reality by his announcement of marriage to another woman.

It sounds like the traditional old melo (and Huang Xiaoming is back to playing a rich and overbearing CEO again), though apparently the main couple does get a happy ending. Here to Heart will start filming by the end of June.

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