2017 Weibo Awards Ceremony

The four most bankable actresses (四小花旦) of the post-85 generation: Yang Mi, Angelababy, Ni Ni and Liu Shishi, as chosen by netizens and industry insiders.

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Sina’s prepared random awards for all attendees, and the actor-related ones are listed below:

Weibo King: Deng Chao
Weibo Queen: Yang Mi
Weibo Entertainers of the Year: He Jiong, Huang Bo, Jolin Tsai
Weibo Gods of the Year:
 Wallace Chung, Wang Kai, Tong Dawei, Lu Yi
Weibo Goddesses of the Year: Ni Ni, Liu Shishi, Yuan Quan, Hu Jing
Weibo Most Searched Celebrities of the Year: Li Yifeng, Angelababy
Weibo Popular Stars of the Year: Zhang Yishan, Yang Zi, Jing Tian, Guan Xiaotong
Actors of the Year: Liu Tao, Pan Yueming
Movies of the Year: Wolf Warrior II, Twenty Two, Youth
Drama of the Year: In the Name of the People
Web Drama of the Year: Day & Night


Jolin Tsai

Yang Mi

Ni Ni

Liu Shishi

Guli Nazha

Jing Tian

Li Yuchun

Yuan Quan in Robeto Cavalli

Liu Tao in Alexander Arutyunov

Kris Wu in Burberry

Li Yifeng in Gucci

Wallace Chung in Burberry, Wang Kai in Lanvin, Tong Dawei, Lu Yi

Huang Bo, He Jiong (MC), Jolin Tsai

TF Boys

Angelababy, Deng Chao

Guan Xiaotong, Yang Zi, Zhang Yishan (three of the most popular post-90s actors)

Yang Zi in Temperley London


Liu Tao, Yang Shuo reunite in heartwarming modern drama

Liu Tao and Yang Shuo are confirmed for We Must All Be Fine 我们都要好好的, an inspirational modern romance drama that focuses on the lives of divorcees and their journey of rediscovery.

Liu Tao plays Xun Zhao (the name literally means ‘in search of’), an art director who comes from a well-off family. Much to the dismay of her family, she marries hard-working fund manager Xiang Qian (meaning ‘to move forward’). Once her husband’s career takes off, Xun Zhao is forced to become a housewife in order to take care of their son Xiang Haohan (Zhang Yihan, Ah Li in Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms), and their marriage is soon on the rocks.

The couple eventually divorce, though decide to keep in close contact for the sake of their kid. Xun Zhao rediscovers herself after returning to work, and finds true love with a younger man, played by stage actor Liu Duanduan (Brotherhood of Blades II). Jin Chen (Little Valentine) costars as Alisa, a powerful and rich fashion magazine editor who ends up dating Xiang Qian while Cheng Cheng (Huang Danian) plays Xun Zhao’s bestie Wanwan.

The 40 episode drama is directed by Liu Xuesong (co-director of ER Doctors) and written by Wang Yi (The Queens 母仪天下, Litle Valentine).

Liu Duanduan


National Treasures come alive in new CCTV program starring Tony Leung, Wang Kai and more

National Treasure 国家宝藏  will showcase 27 historical artifacts from 29 different museums across the country with the help of “protectors” (listed below), who will then present the story behind each piece in a short stage performance.

Actors / hosts featured: Zhang Guoli, Tony Leung Ka-fai, Wang Kai, Liu Tao, Li Chen, Duan Yihong, Wang Gang, He Jiong, Ma Su, Qin Hailu, Chen Xiao, Jackson Yi Yangqianxi, Liu Yijun, Guo Tao, Lei Jiayin, Guan Xiaotong, Sa Beining, Cai Guoqing, Ren Zhong, Ning Jing

Theme song: A Thousand Years in One Glance 一眼千年 – Na Ying

The 10 episode series will begin airing on December 3rd.

Tony Leung as Sima Guang

Wang Kai as Qianlong

Li Chen as Emperor Huizong of Song


Teasers for 2018 anti-corruption dramas starring Liu Tao, Zhang Fengyi and more

Puzzle 拼图 (previously known as Tempest of Anti-Corruption 反贪风暴)

40 episodes, daily drama on Dragon TV and Zhejiang TV
Director: Zheng Xiaolong 
(ER Doctors)
Writers: Ren Yun (Metamorphosis), Gong Xiangdong (Editorial Department Story)

An upright prosecutor (Wang Lei) stumbles upon a bigger conspiracy while investigating a normal worker’s suicide, and his father-in-law’s mysterious disappearance during an anti-corruption investigation case causes a rift between him and his fiancee (Liu Tao), a political news reporter.

In Law We Believe 因法之名

45 episodes, daily drama on Jiangsu TV
Directors: Shen Yan (The First Half of My Life), Liu Haibo (Chinese Style Relationship)
Writer: Zhao Dongling 
(Housing, Red Sorghum)

Police officer Ge Dajie (Li Youbin) and prosecutor Zou Xiong (Zhang Fengyi) are tasked with finding the person responsible for a woman’s brutal murder, and both believe her husband to be the criminal. His fingerprints were indeed found at the scene, though forensic scientist (Ma Shaoye) chooses not to reveal the fact that he also found two other sets of fingerprints.

Years later, Ge Dajie and Zou Xiong’s daughters (played by Shi Tianqi and Li Xiaoran) become involved in the same case, and work together to unravel the truth.

Original Intentions 初心 (also known as Secretary of the CCDI 纪委书记)

A 40 episode drama revolving around Zhao Dasheng, an incorruptible government official (Wang Zhiwen) who uncovers the crimes committed by fellow official Yu Zhongjun (Zhao Lixin). However, Zhao Dasheng’s passion for his job eventually creates a rift between him and his wife (Yu Feihong). Chen Long (Game of Hunting) costars as Zhao Dasheng’s loyal assistant. A teaser can be found here (begins 00:56 mark).


Zhuge Liang finally appears in new stills for The Advisors Alliance

The Advisors Alliance became less addictive ever since the awesome Cao Cao (Yu Hewei) and Yang Xiu (Zhai Tianlin) passed away, but these new stills have definitely piqued my interest for part 2 of the drama.

Part 2 will focus on Sima Yi’s conflict with Zhuge Liang (Wang Luoyong) and Cao Shuang (Du Yiheng). His deteriorating relationship with the Cao family eventually paves the way for the Sima family’s coup d’état.

The Advisors Alliance: Howling Tiger, Roaring Dragon is set to air sometime in the Fall.

Behind-the-scenes: (1), (2)

First up is Zhuge Liang, the mastermind behind the famous Empty Fort Strategy (Romance of the Three Kingdoms).

Liu Huan (Female Butler) plays Cao Pi’s eldest son Cao Rui, future Emperor of Cao Wei.

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Aaron Kwok, Wang Qianyuan, Liu Tao star in upcoming crime thriller

Peacebreaker 破·局 is an adaption of South Korean crime action thriller A Hard Day, and stars Aaron Kwok (One Night Only) as a police officer who tries to cover his tracks after committing a crime. Wang Qianyuan (Lost in the Moonlight) costars as the mysterious man who knows his secret, and Liu Tao (The Advisors Alliance) makes an appearance as Kwok’s wife.

On the way to his mother’s funeral, police officer Gao Jianxiang (Aaron Kwok) crashes into a homeless man. Afraid of being charged for manslaughter on top of alleged bribery, he hides the victim in the trunk, and later nails the body into his mother’s coffin.

When Gao Jianxiang returns to the police station, he finds out the bribery investigation was called off by a lieutenant (Wang Qianyuan). Gao’s team is then ordered to search for a dangerous criminal, who turns out to be the man he killed. While the police home in on his mother’s grave, Gao Jianxiang receives a call from the lieutenant, who attempts to blackmail the former into revealing the location of the body.

The film is directed by Lian Yiqi (Secret Fruit), and will hit cinemas on August 17th.

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Jackie Chan fights terrorists in latest co-production

Jackie Chan’s latest co-production, The Foreigner starring himself, Pierce Brosnan, Liu Tao (The Advisors Alliance) and Katie Leung (Harry Potter), is directed by  Martin Campbell (Casino Royale, Green Lantern), and is the first co-production that   I actually want  to watch.

See trailer to get what I mean:

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