Mike He Finally Reveals Daughter’s Face

Mike He Finally Reveals Daughter’s Face

So cute! On Chinese Valentine’s Day, Mike He (賀軍翔) shared a casual photo of his three-month-old daughter crawling up to Mike as he is studying a script. The Taiwanese actor also shared another photo of his daughter, nicknamed “Meibao”, smiling adorably at the camera while eating a cracker.

“So good to have my mini lover here as I read the script,” wrote Mike. “Little Meibao wishes everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day!”

The 33-year-old dropped his shocking fatherhood announcement this past June. According to official reports, Meibao was born in Guam. Her mother is Mike’s high school sweetheart, who he married in June.

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Mike He denies wife uses pregnancy to force him into marriage

Taiwanese actor, Mike He shocked his fans when he announced his marriage early this month, and even has a four-month-old daughter.

A source stated that Mike’s wife had used her pregnancy to force him into marriage. In order to consider his image, Mike had no choice but to tie the knot with her.

Yesterday, Mike shot down the rumours, and said, “It’s nonsense! This is a malicious attack. The scriptwriter is really something.”

Mike said that he was not affected by the rumours, “Because I have heard things worse than this, something like I married a man overseas! There is no need to waste your effort on such things, but if I know who started this, I will take legal action.”

Mike revealed that his wife was his first love and they had an on-and-off relationship for 5 years. He said that he did not disclose their relationship because his wife was not from the entertainment industry. Even her colleagues did not know of their relationship, until they saw their wedding news.

Mike also mentioned that his wife had felt unfair that the media simply published her photo without permission, as she is not from the showbiz.

“Only her old photos where she looked ugly were published. In fact, she is very pretty now,” said Mike.

Currently, the couple has not taken any wedding photos, and they have no plans to disclose their wedding details as well.

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Mike He Revealed to Have Been “Forced” to Marry Girlfriend

Mike He Revealed to Have Been “Forced” to Marry Girlfriend

On June 3, Taiwanese actor Mike He (賀軍翔) surprised his fans with a heart-stopped announcement—that not only is he now a married man, but he is also the father of a four-month-old baby girl, “Mei-pao” (美寶), who was born in Guam.

The announcement, which he dropped on Facebook, immediately topped media headlines. “Although it’s raining heavily today, it is a good day. We have registered our marriage!” wrote Mike. “Four months ago, our precious daughter was born in America (that’s we we named her Mei-pao), and to see my daughter growing up so healthily, well, I want nothing more.”

Expressing that he has entered his next stage in life, the Devil Beside You <惡魔在身邊> actor also stressed that his “other half” does not belong in the entertainment circle, so he will not elaborate on her identity.

On June 13, Mike made his first post-baby and post-marriage appearance at an event in Taiwan. Despite his popular appearances in romantic idol dramas, Mike’s own relationship life has been quite dull. He said he is not a romantic person at all, and it wasn’t until the day of their marriage registration when he got down on one knee to propose.

Sharing that they’ve been in an on-and-off relationship for the past five years, Mike said, “After all this time, it’s always been her. She’s a great person. We’re great together.” To protect her identity, he decided to not take their relationship public. Privacy was also one of the reasons why the couple decided to give birth in Guam. Mike said he and his wife will eventually hold a wedding celebration, but will not disclose its details.

However hasn’t been all unicorns and rainbows from there. According to a gossip report posted yesterday, Mike and his wife’s marriage was shotgun. He was “forced” to marry her after she told him that she was pregnant with his child.

Mike immediately denied the claim. “What an amazing script,” he said. “It’s sheer nonsense and a claim with malice.” Despite his change in tone, Mike said he is not mad about the rumor.

“I’ve been through much more exaggerated rumors, such as marrying a man overseas. I shouldn’t be wasting my breath on this, but if I find out who started the rumor, I will definitely seek legal action.”

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