Teasers and posters for Tsui Hark’s The Thousand Faces of Dunjia

The Thousand Faces of Dunjia 奇门遁甲 is an upcoming wuxia comedy set in a chaotic fantasy world overrun with demons and spirits, and will follow the exciting adventures of a group of young martial artists, played by Dapeng (Dong Chengpeng), Ni Ni, Aarif Rahman Lee and Zhou Dongyu.

English-subbed teasers and BTS (playlist):

Scheduled to premiere on December 15th, the film is a re-imagination of 1982 film The Miracle Fighters, though director Yuen Woo-ping, who also helmed the original, has revealed that the only thing in common will be the name of the movie. Tsui Hark (Sword Master, Flying Swords of Dragon Gate) serves as the film’s producer and screenwriter.


Tony Leung joins Aaron Kwok in Theory of Ambitions

Is it just me, or does he look like older Tony Leung Ka-fai here?

Theory of Ambitions 风再起时 (lit. When the Wind Blows Again) is the latest project from Phillip Yung, the writer-director behind acclaimed 2015 crime thriller Port of Call 踏雪寻梅.

The film is based on the true story of the ‘Four Great Sergeants’, a title that refers to Hong Kong’s most corrupt police officers in the 1960s. Aaron Kwok (Eternal Wave) plays Lv Le (Lui Lok), the most well-known of the four, who becomes a wanted man after the establishment of the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) in 1974.

The other three officers will be played Tony Leung (See You Tomorrow)Patrick Tam (Dealer Healer) and Michael Chow (Fate Fighter). Filming began a couple of weeks ago, so it’ll probably be released some time in 2019.


Zanilia Zhao, Zheng Shuang, and Yang Yang Eyed for “Soul Mate” TV Version

Zanilia Zhao, Zheng Shuang, and Yang Yang Eyed for “Soul Mate” TV Version

The 2016 film Soul Mate <七月与安生> was not only a breakout success, Zhou Dongyu (周冬雨) and Sandra Ma (马思纯) shared the Best Actress award for the Golden Horse Awards last year, becoming the new ‘it’ actresses of the Chinese film industry.

Various sources are claiming that a Soul Mate TV adaptation is in the making, and producers are eyeing Zanilia Zhao Liying (赵丽颖) and Zheng Shuang (郑爽) to play Ansheng and Qiyue, respectively. The male lead, on the other hand, is rumored to be played by Yang Yang (杨洋).

Should this casting be true, Soul Mate would become one of the most anticipated TV blockbusters of 2018. Zanilia, Zheng Shuang, and Yang Yang are extremely popular actors in the industry, and they have starred in some of China’s highest-rated television dramas in history. Fans are excited to see the big stars collaborate, but many feel that Yang Yang may be too big of a star to play the male lead, who has more of a supporting presence in the story.

Source: Sina.cn

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Operation Mekong’s director returns with new action film

Operation Mekong 湄公河行动 was a critical and commercial hit when it premiered, and this year director Dante Lam has returned with Operation Red Sea 红海行动, another military action film that focuses on members of the Navy, played by Zhang Yi (Brotherhood of Blades II), Huang Jingyu (Demon Girl), Du Jiang (The Wasted Times) and Hai Qing (Midnight Diner).

The film takes inspiration from the evacuation of hundreds of Chinese citizens from Yemen. The same event was adapted for the silver screen in Wu Jing’s record-breaking hit Wolf Warrior 2 战狼, which premiered just a few months ago. Here’s to hoping Operation Red Sea will have equal doses of story and action. The movie is slated to premiere at the end of 2017.

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Taiwanese Drama “The Outsiders” Gets a Film Adaptation

Taiwanese Drama “The Outsiders” Gets a Film Adaptation

The coming-of-age Taiwanese drama The Outsiders <鬥魚> is confirmed to be getting a film adaptation!

The original 2004 series was based on the book Little Daisy <小雛菊> written by Luo Xin (洛心). Hailed as the Taiwan version of Young and Dangerous <古惑仔>, The Outsiders aired in Taiwan to record-breaking ratings and pushed young actors like Dylan Kuo (郭品超), Ady An (安以軒), and Blue Lan (藍正龍) to instant fame, all who were still rookie actors at the time. The drama’s ending theme song “Lydia” was also a chart-topping hit, pushing F.I.R. (飛兒樂團) to relevancy even before the group’s official debut.

During an interview last August, author Luo Xin dropped a hint to the press that Little Daisy would be getting a film adaptation. Today, The Outsiders producer Ko Yi-ching (柯宜勤) finally confirmed that a film adaptation is in the making.

“We’ve been working on the [film’s] script for about two to three years now. It’s around 80 percent complete,” she said. Asking if the original cast would take part in the film, Ko said, “We would like to cast new actors, but we do hope that original cast can take part. The script’s still evolving. We’ll talk about casting once that’s settled.”

Reporters reached out to Ady An for comment, who responded through her manager that she hasn’t received a casting notice.

Source: HK01.com

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John Woo’s Nostalgic “Manhunt” Drops Movie Poster

John Woo’s Nostalgic “Manhunt” Drops Movie Poster

John Woo’s (吳宇森) latest cinematic project Manhunt <追捕> has dropped a deafening movie poster featuring main stars Chinese actor Zhang Hanyu (張涵予) and Japanese actor Masaharu Fukuyama (福山雅治). The film will be released in theaters on November 24, 2017.

Manhunt is a police thriller film adapted from the Japanese novel You Must Cross the River of Wrath by Juko Nishimura (西村寿行). Set in Osaka, Japan, Manhunt follows a lawyer who is on the run from his former boss. The film is described as John Woo’s return to his blood-shedding action films that he was most known for back in the 90’s. Much like Woo’s past films like A Better Tomorrow <英雄本色> and Once a Thief <縱橫四海>, Manhunt brings back the nitty-gritty hard-boiled genre that populated Hong Kong cinema in the 80’s and 90’s. It is Woo’s first gun-fu action film in fourteen years.

The movie also pays homage to the 1976 movie adaptation starring Ken Takakura (高倉健), who passed away in 2014. Manhunt was made to commemorate the famous actor.

Zhang Hanyu and Masaharu Fukuyama Are Chemistry-Bound

Manhunt may have been Zhang and Fukuyama’s first collaboration, but the two superstars managed to find their powerful chemistry in no time. Respectively playing a cop and a thief, the award-winning actors fought tooth and neck in this action-packed film. Yet, when it came to teaming up to catch a common enemy, Zhang and Fukuyama showed camaraderie and trust, becoming the ultimate dynamic duo.

Even the language difference did not stop the duo from working together. “When the interpreter wasn’t around, we would use [hand] signals to understand each other,” said Zhang. In regard to working with the Chinese actor, Fukuyama said, “Only he can do the role Du Qiu justice.”

Manhunt also stars Chinese actress Stephy Qi Wei (戚薇), Korean actress Ha Ji-won (河智苑), and Japanese actor Jun Kunimura (國村隼). The film will be released in China on November 24, 2017.

“Manhunt” Trailer

Source: Sina.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

Hollywood is using Chinese actors to promote films without casting them and it’s disgusting

Hollywood wants a piece of the Chinese cake and be racist, too. 

Imagine the outrage in the West  if  instead of having minority characters, films hire minority actors as spokespeople to promote films about white men.   That’s what they’re doing to the Chinese audience and it’s disgusting. 

From Lu Han’s Star Wars promo to Li Yifeng’s Batman vs Superman to PG-One’s Spiderman: Homecoming and most recently to Wang Kai’s Blade Runner 2049,  China’s biggest rising stars have been hired as “film ambassadors” or “spokespeople”  in Hollywood films they will never be able to even be considered for.

Or if you’re Fan Bingbing, you get to be in one scene that only airs in China so Iron Man 3 can promote it as if it has a Chinese person in it. We’ll just cut you from every other version of the movie because god forbid the rest of the world have to  see a Chinese actress on the screen.

Here’s a break-down of the flimsy excuses.

Excuse 1: Well, it’s a Hollywood film, why should they appeal to China?
Why shouldn’t they? Why shouldn’t a fifth of the world population receive some sort of acknowledgement they exist, especially when they’ve become a growing portion of your viewers?     Many of  those films need China to make a profit and are being made because the Chinese market exists. James Cameron certainly isn’t making Avatar 2 3 4 5 just to drive Ryan Gosling mad.
Plus, clearly Hollywood films acknowledge that they need more to appeal to the Chinese audience since they’re hiring local actors to promote them.

Excuse 2: Chinese actors aren’t good enough. They can’t speak English. They don’t want to act in Hollywood.
Even Jackie Chan and Zhang Ziyi stopped filming in Hollywood because they simply weren’t being offered roles. Chloe Bennet is gorgeous, speaks perfect English, is a good actress, can even pass off as  white, and she still couldn’t get roles with a Chinese last name.
Hey, Michael Bay, China has plenty of beautiful people who can’t act, too! 

Excuse 3: It’s the Chinese distributor’s fault
Right, the Chinese distributor is preventing Hollywood from hiring Chinese actors.

Excuse 4: Maybe actors should just stop being used.
As if Hollywood would start casting them otherwise.

if you want a Chinese actor to represent your film, just hire a Chinese person to act in your film!

Some ideas for Hollywood.

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