Natalie Tong Thankful for Tony Hung’s Encouragement

Natalie Tong Thankful for Tony Hung’s Encouragement

Above: Natalie Tong with good friend, Priscilla Wong, after winning TVB Best Actress.

Winning Best Actress at the 2017 TVB Anniversary Awards last night, Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) expressed her gratitude towards people who have helped and encouraged her along the way, including ex-boyfriend Tony Hung (洪永城).

Although the couple split back in 2017, the two have voiced that they ended their relationship on good terms and will remain friends. While some fans believe that Natalie was better off without Tony, some were eager for the two to get back together.

Giving Tony a Second Chance?

In January, Tony and Natalie were seen on a late-night walk together, but the paparazzi interrupted their dinner plans. Although neither party officially admitted to speculations that they are back together, they also did not directly deny it. Fueling rumors further, Tony recently uploaded an Instagram photo of his vote for Natalie for TV Queen along with a heartfelt message voicing his support for the actress.

Speaking with the press after the conclusion of the TVB Anniversary Awards, Natalie thanked everyone for their unending support. Natalie stated that she was already lucky enough to be in the running alongside Jessica Hsuan (宣萱), whom she will always consider to be Best Actress in her heart.

Talking about Tony’s support and encouraging messages, Natalie smiled, “He used to be just all talk, but he took action this time! He’s scared that I would lack confidence, so I’m very thankful for his encouragement.” Asked if they are getting back together, Natalie said, “We’ll see!” Asked if she would celebrate with him, she said, “If he asks, I’ll go.”

Movie Opportunities

Natalie stepped out of her comfort zone and recently filmed movie, A Beautiful Moment <我的情敵女婿>. Accustomed to acting in dramas, Natalie once had some self-doubt as to why she was cast in the movie. She only gained confidence when the director told her that he thought she was a good actress.

Denying that she will be leaving TVB soon after winning Best Actress, Natalie revealed that she still has a significant amount of time left in her contract and has always enjoyed working at the station all these years.

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Jessica Hsuan Has Not Decided If She Would Attend TVB Anniversary Awards

Jessica Hsuan Has Not Decided If She Would Attend TVB Anniversary Awards

After her landslide Best Actress win at the 2017 TVB Star Awards Malaysia, people were betting that Jessica Hsuan (宣萱), who won the award for portraying “Mall Jeh” in the TVB drama My Unfair Lady <不懂撒嬌的女人>, would also win TV Queen at this weekend’s TVB Anniversary Awards. Jessica said she does not expect to win.

“My win in Malaysia has definitely shook my confidence,” said the 47-year-old actress. “I don’t expect to win this time.” Jessica added that she hasn’t even decided if she would attend the awards, but she already has already has an outfit prepared.

Asking if she has already casted in her TV King and Queen votes, Jessica said she voted for Natalie Tong (唐詠詩), her costar in My Unfair Lady. “She’s matured so much.” What about TV King? “Kenneth Ma! He has a pretty big chance [to win].” What if you won? “It’ll be satisfying, but I rather win it for my role in Line Walker: The Prelude <使徒行者>.”

In regard to the rumors that Jessica’s asking price went up three times after her Malaysia win, Jessica clarified, “That’s a bit too exaggerated! But it’s true that I’ve been offered more jobs. I am a free agent and I used to manage my own jobs, and things would get awkward whenever we started to negotiate about price. Now that I have a manager, everything’s been much more relaxing for me.”

She stressed that her decision to pursue acting was never for money, but for her own interest. She never thought she had to prove anything or desired to reach the top, but she did recall an experience in 2015 that inspired her to be more ambitious. “He told me I was getting old and I needed to change careers. I really want to thank him now, because he reminded me of why I’m doing this. My immediate reaction to his comment was that I didn’t agree—I felt that with different age comes different roles, but his words have now become my driving force.”

When Jessica first stepped on stage to receive her Best Actress honor at Malaysia’s TVB Star Awards, she was shaking with happiness. “It was a time for me to express my feelings. This award encourages me, reminds me that I came into the industry because I love acting, and not for the money.”


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Natalie Tong and Tony Hung are Back Together!

Natalie Tong and Tony Hung are Back Together!

Dating for two years, 36-year-old Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) and 34-year-old Tony Hung (洪永城) announced their breakup last May. The couple had an amicable breakup and did not reveal the reasons for their split. However, Natalie and Tony remained friends and continued to spend time together. The press often asked if Natalie and Tony would have a chance to reconcile, and Natalie had responded with an open statement, “Many things can happen in this world.”

It appears that Natalie and Tony are back together after taking eight months to cool off their relationship. Last night, Natalie and Tony were spotted walking on the streets in North Point. Hoping to keep their outing low-profile, Tony wore a hoodie and Natalie pulled her cap low over her face. The couple eventually parted ways to drive separate cars to a restaurant in Taikoo Place.

Tony arrived first and waited inside the restaurant for Natalie. As Natalie was about to enter the restaurant, she looked around and noticed that the paparazzi was following her. Abandoning dinner plans, Natalie walked right by the restaurant door and went back to her car.

Left alone inside the restaurant, Tony was seen shortly leaving with a takeout box in his hand. With his date interrupted by the paparazzi, Tony looked disappointed and drove back home.

Shy Couple?

During their split, Natalie and Tony tried dating other people. Last October, Tony was seen dining out with a long-haired woman at a Japanese restaurant. In November, Natalie was seen eating out with a man in a suit, and followed up with a late-night movie.

However, it seems that Natalie and Tony may want to give their relationship another chance. Getting back together after a long separation, Natalie and Tony are not yet ready to face public pressure about their reconciliation and chose to run from the paparazzi on their date last night.

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Kenneth Ma, Natalie Tong to Star in New Medical Drama

Kenneth Ma, Natalie Tong to Star in New Medical Drama

In recent years, TVB has been playing it safe and opted for tried-and-proven formulas. With the successes of medical dramas such as Healing Hands (妙手仁心) and The Hippocratic Crush <On Call 36小時>, TVB has plans to produce another medical drama. Originally, Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) and Moses Chan (陳豪) were to star as co-leads. However, because of Kenneth Ma’s (馬國明) boost in popularity after The Exorcist’s Meter (降魔的), he is now replacing Ruco and Moses as the male lead. The rumored female cast include Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) and Ali Lee (李佳芯).

When reached for comments, Kenneth said, “As of now, it is just me. I don’t know if this will change. I only heard that it’s me and possibly Natalie, but the company has not announced anything yet, so I don’t know the details. I’m not exactly sure about it. Maybe it won’t even be me.”

Although his role as the enigmatic Doctor Cheung Yat Kin (張一健) in The Hippocratic Crush was very well-received, Kenneth lost to Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) for the Best Actor Award in 2012. Perhaps a second chance at portraying a medical professional will push his career to greater heights.

Since this drama will feature the medical field, will his role be similar to that of The Hippocratic Crush? Kenneth said, “No, the plot won’t be as passionate this time. The new drama will delve deeper into the medical field and talk about things like the health care system. It’s completely different.”


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Tony Hung Spotted on Date with New Girlfriend

Tony Hung Spotted on Date with New Girlfriend

After breaking up with Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) in May, Tony Hung (洪永城) has remained single for nearly six months. The couple’s relationship was wrought with negative rumors, such as Tony’s infidelity rumors with his The Learning Curve of a Warlord (大帥哥) costar, Sisley Choi (蔡思貝). Due to his flirtatious nature, it was reported that Tony could not give Natalie a sense of security despite their two-year relationship.

Since the breakup, 33-year-old Tony focused on his career. After six months, Tony may have broken his dry spell. He was recently spotted out on a date with a woman who resembles Rose Chan (陳嘉桓). Keeping things low-profile, Tony would find time to meet with his girlfriend when he did not have work.

The couple was spotted out on a double date for dinner. To avoid being recognized, Tony and his girlfriend sat with their backs to the door. Due to her revealing outfit in a tank top and hot shorts, Tony’s girlfriend’s good figure was easily noticeable.Tony was also very attentive to his girlfriend, often placing food on her plate. It seems as though the couple’s relationship is progressing well.

After dinner, Tony originally intended to step outside with his girlfriend. However, he hesitated and told her to wait inside the restaurant while he went to get the car. When Tony’s car arrived, his girlfriend quickly got into the passenger seat.


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Natalie Tong’s Tumultuous Love Life

Natalie Tong’s Tumultuous Love Life

When Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) and Tony Hung (洪永城) announced their split, it was rumored that their breakup had something to do with Andrew Lo (盧啟邦), a close staff member of Alvin Chau (周焯華).

But whether or not that rumor holds true, Andrew and Natalie no longer seem to be an item, as it is known that the businessman has been dating “long-haired” woman YoYo for a while now. Paparazzi had spotted Alvin taking his girlfriend back home.

Whatever the case may be, one can’t help but to notice Natalie’s poor luck in her love life.

The TVB actress made her debut in 2000, through the RTHK Youth @ Y2K <青春@Y2K>. At the time, she briefly dated her costar Shawn Yue (余文樂), but their relationship ended when he started dating Candy Lo (盧海音).

In 2005, Natalie began a very stormy relationship with TVB presenter Amigo Choi (崔建邦), and they stayed on-and-off for several years. During their relationship, Amigo had cheated on Natalie three times; Natalie admitted afterwards that she known about them when it happened.

After filming Rear Mirror <載得有情人> in 2013, Natalie grew close to Tony Hung. After filming the show, Tony got very vocal with the media about his affections for Natalie. They officially confirmed their relationship in early 2015. In May 2017, Natalie and Tony announced their split.

According to their statements, Natalie and Tony broke up due to irreconcilable differences. They never went into detail why, but the paparazzi were quick to point fingers at Andrew Lo, who was said to be the catalyst of their breakup.

Andrew is a known player among the circle, as he has been linked with stars such as Whitney Hui (許亦妮), Jeana, Iris Chung (鍾采羲), and pseudo model Hera.

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Natalie Tong, Tony Hung Avoid Each Other After Breakup

Natalie Tong, Tony Hung Avoid Each Other After Breakup

Over 160 artistes promoted TVB’s latest mobile app at a special media conference. Although ex-lovers Tony Hung (洪永城) and Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) were present, the pair avoided each other throughout the night and only took a photo together when prompted by reporters.

Natalie said she saw Tony backstage and briefly chatted. Natalie simply said there was no awkwardness between them and that she is learning to slowly let go of their two-year relationship. Not in a rush to begin a new relationship, Natalie revealed that it is hard to meet the right person in the entertainment industry. Remarking on her emotional state in future relationships, Natalie said every relationship is different and both parties should get to know each other first.

Since breaking up in May, Tony has been filming nonstop and is currently not dating anyone. “I’m currently very focused on work. Next week, we have to head up to Foshan to film for The Learning Curve of a Warlord <大帥哥>.”

In September, Tony will be starting a new travel program. Although he originally wanted to host Pilgrimage of Hope 2 <走過烽火大地2>, TVB rejected the idea due to the dangerous conditions of the countries situated in the Middle East. When asked if he has any ideas for a new program, Tony jokingly said maybe his show should be targeted on searching for a wife.

Jacqueline Doesn’t Mind Kenneth Being Labelled As Her Boyfriend

Also present at the event was rumored couple, Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) and Kenneth Ma (馬國明). While playing a game where Kenneth was to guess who was singing, Kenneth jokingly said Mimi Chu (朱咪咪) although he immediately recognized Jacqueline’s voice. On purposely making the wrong guess, Kenneth laughed, “We go to karaoke together, so I thought it would be awkward if I recognized her voice immediately, so I said Mimi Chu who doesn’t sound like her at all. It’s funnier that way.”

While Kenneth and Jacqueline never formally admitted to dating, Jacqueline said she does not mind if others call Kenneth her boyfriend.

Filming a kiss scene in their series Deep in the Realm of Conscience <深宮計>, Kenneth and Jacqueline denied having doing retakes on purpose, stressing that they were highly professional about it.

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