Lin Yun plays twins in upcoming modern romance drama

Beautiful Reborn Flower 彼岸花 is a modern romance drama starring Lin Yun (L.O.R.D) as a pair of twin sisters who were separated at birth, and Song Weilong (Long For You) plays the male lead who falls in love with both of them.

Qiaoman (straight hair) and Nansheng (bob cut) have lived apart since their parents divorced, and only reunite during university. She develops a crush on Lin Heping (Song Weilong), though decides to bury her feelings due to his relationship with sister Nansheng.

Lin Heping and Nansheng have always had a troubled relationship, and break up after graduation. Qiaoman and Lin Heping find work at the same company, and Lin Heping eventually falls in love with his ex’s sister.

Supporting leads include Peter Ho (Nothing Gold Can Stay) as the typical second male lead who has a one-sided love for Qiaoman, Li Xin’ai (Princess Weiyoung) as Lin Heping’s colleague who also has a crush on him and Wang Yaoqing (Wine War) as the heir of a rich family.

Adapted from Anni Baobei’s novel of the same name, the 60 (!) episode drama is directed by Wang Xiaokang and written by his sister Wang Jingru, the team behind 2013 rom-com Modern Matchmaker.


Colourful new trailer for Peter Ho, Zhu Yilong’s upcoming fantasy idol drama

Flowers Withering Flowers Flying Covering the Sky is an upcoming drama produced by the company behind Border Town Prodigal and Yan Kuan’s The Shaw Eleven Lang. The 6 minute trailer can be found here.

Li Xin’ai (Princess Weiyoung) plays Qingcheng, a princess who refuses to enter into a political marriage due to her one-sided love for general Hua Mantian, played by Peter Ho (Nothing Gold Can Stay)Zhang Xinyu (The Song of Phoenix) plays Xie Qianxun, a noble lady and true love of Hua Mantian. Her family is accused of treason, though she is able to escape unscathed after agreeing to switch faces with the princess.

Even Yu Zheng could do better than this…

After the switch, Xie Qianxun (now played by Li Xinai) loses her memory, and ends up marrying Hua Mantian. For some reason the magic doesn’t last very long, and the two eventually regain their original appearances. Zhu Yilong (Border Town Prodigal) plays Hua Wuxie, who seems to be romantically interested in the real princess Qingcheng.

Costars include Zhu Zixiao (Happy Mitan) as Sima Qingfeng, rival of Hua Mantian, Yu Xiaotong (Ten Deadly Sins) as Hua Feiyang, Yu Shaoqun (Founding of an Army) as Liu Fengzhu and Kou Zhenhai as Sima Guangzong, a greedy official who wants to eliminate the Hua family.

Directed by Lai Shuiqing and Tan Ruimin (both worked on The Deer and the Cauldron 2014), the 66 episode drama has yet to secure an air date or broadcast network.

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Nothing Gold Can Stay: Deng Chao “Apologizes” to Male Cast Members on Behalf of Sun Li

Nothing Gold Can Stay: Deng Chao “Apologizes” to Male Cast Members on Behalf of Sun Li

August 30th was the big premiere day for Sun Li’s (孙俪) latest television drama Nothing Gold Can Stay <那年花开月正圆>, a turn-of-the-century story about a strong woman who breaks societal expectations and conventions to start her own business. The period drama also stars Chen Xiao (陈晓), Peter Ho (何潤東), Myolie Wu (胡杏兒), Ren Zhong (任重), and Yu Haoming (俞灏明).

Sun Li portrays Zhou Ying, a strong-willed, non-traditional Shaanxi woman who overcomes barriers to become the first female pupil of the Wu family. She strikes an interesting friendship with the second young master Chen Xinyi (Chen Xiao) and Wu Pin (Peter Ho), bringing out her straightforward personality. Zhou Ying grew up as a fighter, and often breaks into physical altercations with men.

Sun Li herself has described her role “a bit like the sassy girlfriend, probably the most disobedient woman in the entire city.” In a society women are expected to stay at home and raise children, Zhou Ying is a fighter and longs to take control of her own life.

Deng Chao (邓超), Sun Li’s husband, promoted the drama on his Weibo, writing, “As her husband I apologize to all the men she had beaten up [on the show].”

Netizens joked along. One wrote, “To promote his wife’s new drama, he really sacrificed everything.” Another commented, “You of all people have all the right to talk about this.”

Nothing Gold Can Change airs on Dragon TV, Jiang TV, and Tencent Video.

“Nothing Gold Can Change” Extended Trailer


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Promo Round-up: Nothing Gold Can Stay

Nothing Gold Can Stay seems like it’s going to take the crown of being the fastest period drama to get on air – female lead Sun Li wrapped up filming in May, and the 74 episode drama is all ready to air tonight.

The story follows the life of Zhou Ying (Sun Li), the richest merchant in the late Qing dynasty. She marries Wu Ping (Peter Ho) to help him ward off bad luck, yet his untimely death means she has to take over the family business, much to the dismay of his greedy relatives. Unfortunately the journey is far from smooth – there’s the feud with the Shen family, political machinations in the royal court, and the betrayals by Wu Ping’s secret admirer Hu Yongmei (Myolie Wu) and his sister Wu Yi (Zeng Qi).

Shen Xingyi (Chen Xiao) is a sheltered and happy-go-lucky young lad who doesn’t get involved in his family business until much later, though the hatred between the two households doesn’t stop him from pursuing Zhou Ying.

Opening theme: Can’t Forget by Sun Li (title)

Ending Theme: I am the only one reluctant to let go by Zhang Lei

Insert song: You Once Said by Yu Kewei (Cui Zige’s version was featured in the first teaser)
Insert song: Borrow by Mao Buyi

Behind-the-scenes | Ep 1 – 2 Preview

A closer look at the costumes, designed by Tim Yip:

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Third teaser for Nothing Gold Can Stay

Nothing Gold Can Stay is set in the years leading up to the fall of the Qing Dynasty, and stars Sun Li as a young girl who later transforms into a respected businesswoman.

Sun Li plays Zhou Ying, a plucky young girl with a natural talent for business and Chen Xiao plays her main love interest Shen Xingyi, a bratty young master with no aspirations. Shen Xingyi clearly has a difficult path ahead of him if he ever wants to earn the heroine’s love and respect.

Zhou Ying becomes a widow shortly after marrying Wu Ping (Peter Ho), and has to take over the family business. In the trailer, Master Wu (Zhang Chenguang) is certain a storm is coming, and sure enough, their textile factory is soon raided by government officials. Ren Zhong and Yu Haoming represent the good and evil side of politics respectively, and Myolie Wu plays a young woman who is desperate to marry into the Wu family.

The 40 episode drama has is tentatively scheduled for August 30th.

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Sun Li dreams of the past in new teaser for Nothing Gold Can Stay

Nothing Gold Can Stay has released its first teaser, a one-shot MV that follows a rather tipsy Sun Li (Legend of Mi Yue) as she reminisces about happier moments with her husband (Peter Ho), who had passed away due to illness.

Male lead Chen Xiao (The Mysterious Family) doesn’t make an appearance, though from earlier reports, it seems likely he’ll have his own love line with Sun Li towards the latter half of the series.

Directed by Ding Hei (The Qin Empire 3), the 40 episode drama is slated to air later this year.

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Sun Li, Chen Xiao waltz together in Nothing Gold Can Stay

Nothing Gold Can Stay has released stills of the OTP, played by Sun Li (Legend of Mi Yue) and Chen Xiao (Above the Clouds). The creative team deserve extra brownie points for collating the stills into a creative slide show presentation.

Sun Li plays Zhou Ying, a young girl who marries Wu Ping, played by Peter Ho (Sword Master), to ward off bad luck. She loses her husband to sickness not long after, and has to take over the family business. Through a series of fateful accidents, Zhou Ying eventually transforms into a skilled businesswoman and becomes the richest merchant of the times.

Chen Xiao costars as Shen Xingyi, a rich and childish young master who falls in love with Zhou Ying and decides to change his immature ways because of her. Nothing Gold Can Stay is director Ding Hei and writer Su Xiaoyuan’s second collaboration after Embrace the Stars of the Moon, and is tentatively scheduled for a November broadcast.