National Treasures come alive in new CCTV program starring Tony Leung, Wang Kai and more

National Treasure 国家宝藏  will showcase 27 historical artifacts from 29 different museums across the country with the help of “protectors” (listed below), who will then present the story behind each piece in a short stage performance.

Actors / hosts featured: Zhang Guoli, Tony Leung Ka-fai, Wang Kai, Liu Tao, Li Chen, Duan Yihong, Wang Gang, He Jiong, Ma Su, Qin Hailu, Chen Xiao, Jackson Yi Yangqianxi, Liu Yijun, Guo Tao, Lei Jiayin, Guan Xiaotong, Sa Beining, Cai Guoqing, Ren Zhong, Ning Jing

Theme song: A Thousand Years in One Glance 一眼千年 – Na Ying

The 10 episode series will begin airing on December 3rd.

Tony Leung as Sima Guang

Wang Kai as Qianlong

Li Chen as Emperor Huizong of Song


Dangerous liaisons in first trailer for William Chan, Bai Baihe’s upcoming modern drama

Only Side By Side With You stars Bai Baihe (Surgeons) as Nan Qiao, a cold fuerdai who has a passion for designing drones, and William Chan (Founding of An Army) as Shi Yue, an ex-soldier turned gigolo and bar owner who wants to exact revenge on Nan Qiao, believing she was the reason he got expelled from the army.

Li Xian (Tientsin Mystic) plays Shi Yue’s former colleague and friend who has a one-sided love for Nan Qiao, while the gorgeous Qin Hailu (White Deer Plain) plays An Ning, a mysterious woman whom Shi Yue owes his life to.

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The Years You Were Late releases stills, adds Yin Tao as female lead

I commented in an earlier post that The Years You Were Late was sounding a lot like Yin TaoFeather Flies to the Sky, and funnily enough, she was soon confirmed as the female lead opposite Huang Xiaoming (A Life Time Love).

Huang Xiaoming plays Mu Jianfeng, an upright soldier who becomes a businessman after retiring from the military. Despite the change in career, Mu Jianfeng still sees himself as a proper soldier, and doesn’t back down in the face of hardship.

Yin Tao plays Mo Li, a fearless and beautiful young soldier who desires freedom and doesn’t like to take the rules seriously. Mo Li and Mu Jianfeng are separated when the latter travels south to search for new business opportunities, and both of them eventually settle down with new partners.

Qin Hailu (White Deer Plain) plays Zhao Yiqin, the charming girl next door who falls in love with Mu Jianfeng. Cao Bingkun (The Battle at the Dawn) plays a disabled businessman who values money above all else, though Zhao Yiqin’s appearance eventually thaws his cold heart.

Directed by Lin Ke (A Unique Militiaman) and written by original author Yan Geling (Youth), the 30 episode drama is still in the midst of filming.

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Huang Xiaoming, Qin Hailu play a married couple in upcoming drama


Huang Xiaoming bowed out of modern idol drama Here to Heart to film this, and was replaced with Zhang Han.

The Years You Were Late 你迟到的许多年 stars Qin Hailu (White Deer Plain) as a soldier turned telephone operator, and Huang Xiaoming (A Life Time Love) as her estranged husband who later becomes an entrepreneur.

The drama is a loose adaption of script writer Yan Geling’s Buyu Cottage, and aims to provide a realistic depiction of the lives of everyday people during the economic reforms of the 1980s. It’s sounding a lot like Yin Tao and Zhang Yi’s sleeper hit Feather Flies to the Sky, so here’s to hoping this drama can replicate the former’s success.

The 30 episode drama is directed by Lin Ke, and started filming a week ago.

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Sheng Yilun reporting back on the Republic’s biggest actresses

Dear Chinese producers: I will come up with English titles for you for free if you fire your current ones.

Sheng Yilun is the youngest by a lot in “Shanghai Picked Flowers 十里洋场拾年花
“, a series that focuses on female celebs in the Republican era, except the main lead is male. Sheng Yilun plays a reporter reporting on all the happenings in the Republican Shanghai world of romance, and intrigue. The posters are nice, and the premise and cast seems promising, let’s hope they don’t botch it.

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Bai Baihe, William Chan’s first encounter in Only Side By Side With You

First stills have been released for William Chan (L.O.R.D) and Bai Baihe’s (Surgeons) upcoming romance drama Only Side By Side With You. A concept teaser can be found here.

Nan Qiao (Bai Baihe) is known for her cold personality, but is very invested in her drone designing business. Her cheating fiancee pulls out of the business, and the still below features Nan Qiao on the way to meeting a couple of new potential investors at a high-end bar.

There, she meets the secretive bar owner Shi Yue (William Chan), who decides to invest in her business after discovering that she may be one of the reasons behind his expulsion from the army. Qin Hailu (White Deer Plain) guest stars as An Ning, Shi Yue’s benefactor who has connections with the city’s seedy underworlds.

Costars include Li Xian (Dr. Qin Medical Examiner) as Shi Yue’s former best friend and colleague who harbours unrequited love for Nan Qiao, Bai Bing (Grandmaster of Tai chi) as Nan Qiao’s business partner and Hao Youhao (TLTWTMPB) as a fellow drone designer.

The drama has increased its episode count to 45, and is aiming to air by the end of the year.

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Historical epic White Deer Plain gears up for release

White Deer Plain 白鹿原 is based on Chen Zhongshi’s critically acclaimed novel of the same name and chronicles the feud between the Bai and Lu families during a time of political upheaval. Zhang Jiayi (The Young Marshal)He Bing (Anti-Japanese Hero Qi Jiguang) and Qin Hailu (Shopping Queen) lead the older generation, while the main characters from the younger generation will be played by Zhai Tianlin (Legend of Nine Tailed Fox), Lei Jiayin (Red Star Over China) and Li Qin (Love O2O).

The drama will play out over 50 years of Chinese history, starting from the twilight years of Imperial China, through to the civil war between the Kuomintang and Communists, the Japanese Invasion and ending with liberation in 1949.

Zhang Jiayi plays the honest and righteous Bai Jiaxuan, and Qin Hailu stars as his virtuous wife Xiancao. He Bing plays Lu Zilin, the leader of the Lu clan who is prone to lascivious behaviour and Liu Peiqi (Lord of Shanghai) plays Sir Zhu, the most educated man in the village. Li Hongtao (Ma Xiangyang Goes to the Countryside) plays Lu San, faithful servant and friend to Bai Jiaxuan. He also has a rebellious son in Hei Wa, played by Ji Ta (The Red Flag Thrown Into West Wind).

The Bai family’s eldest son Bai Xiaowen (Zhai Tianlin) is introduced as a good-natured young lad, though the selfish and cunning side of his personality is revealed when he becomes infatuated with Hei Wa’s wife Tian Xiao’e (Li Qin). On the other hand, Lei Jiayin’s Lu Zhaopeng takes on the role of the traditional hero – he becomes a member of the Communist Party and has a happy marriage with Bai Jiaxuan’s daughter Bai Ling (Sun Yi).

The 80 episode drama comes from director Liu Jin (Pretty Wife) and writer Shen Jie (Tiger Mom) and is scheduled to broadcast on Anhui TV and Jiangsu TV from April 16th.