Hu Ge, Wan Qian reunite in director Diao Yinan’s new film

L-R: Liao Fan, executive producer, Gwei Lunmei, Diao Yinan, Hu Ge Game of Hunting costars Hu Ge and Wan Qian have been cast in A Gathering at Southern Railway Station 南方车站聚会 (lit.), the latest project from art film director Diao Yinan. The movie will focus on one man’s redemption … Continue reading

Secret of the Three Kingdoms releases opening and second trailer

The popularity of stylish openings has exploded ever since Nirvana in Fire and The Disguiser premiered, and Secret of the Three Kingdoms doesn’t want to get left behind: HD Opening.

The second trailer isn’t as interesting as the first, but gives us more insight into the friendship between the two male leads.

Introduction to the Female Characters | Extended Synopsis

Ma Tianyu plays twins Liu Xie and Liu Ping, and the latter returns to the palace to take his older brother’s role as the last emperor of the Eastern Han Dynasty. History tells us that his attempts to wrest power away from warlord Cao Cao were futile, and his empress Fushou (Wan Qian) is killed in the process.

Han Dongjun plays Sima Yi, a good friend of Liu Ping who later goes to serve the Cao faction, while Tan Jianci, who played Sima Zhao in screenwriter Chang Jiang’s other Three Kingdoms drama The Advisors Alliance, costars as Cao Pi.

There’s been a steady stream of promos for this show, so we’ll probably see the 40 episode historical romance drama on Tencent soon.

Dong Jie as Tang Ying

Sunny Wang as Guo Jia

Dong Xuan as Diao Chan

Tse Kwanho as Cao Cao

Tu Nan as Man Chong


Wan Qian, Qin Hao, Li Jiahang to lead Daylight Entertainment’s new drama

Young Army Officer 尉官正年轻 is an upcoming military drama produced by Daylight Entertainment (Nirvana in Fire, The Disguiser, Ode to Joy) and stars Wan Qian (Tribes and Empires)Qin Hao (Legend of the Cat Demon) and Li Jiahang (Surgeons) in leading roles. The drama is being marketed as a comical romance between a sophisticated young gentleman and a strong young woman.

New soldiers Xu Xiaobin (Li Jiahang) and Xu Xiaobing (Wan Qian) often get mixed up during roll call due to their similar sounding names, and an annoyed Xu Xiaobing decides to change her name to Xu Bing. Later on, the pair of bickering friends pass the university entrance exams, and eventually get married to each other, much to the surprise of their comrades.

After getting a taste of married life, Xu Xiaobin is eager to find a wife for his former squad leader and best friend Meng Yonggan (Qin Hao). Ni Shuangying, a young lady from a well-off family takes a liking to Meng Yonggan, though he falls in love with Xu Bing’s cousin instead.

Directed by Li Xue (Surgeons) and written by Li Jing (Romance of Our Parents), the 30 episode drama will begin filming in a couple of days.


Chen Kun protects Chen Kun in first teaser for Lost in 1949

Lost in 1949 has followed its first batch of stills with a trailer. We are first introduced to older brother Qiao Zhicai (Chen Kun), a simple man from a humble background who probably becomes involved with the Communists after he decides to help rookie agent Huang Liwen (Wan Qian) find their underground base.

Wang Yaoqing and his underground team are planning to transport a group of intellectuals North in preparation for a new China, which also includes younger brother Qiao Lijie (Chen Kun), a nuclear physicist. Unfortunately the enemies already have him in their sights, and Qiao Zhicai must protect his brother at all costs.

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First stills for Chen Kun, Wan Qian’s Republican spy drama

Chen Kun (Beautiful Accident) and Wan Qian’s (Guilty of Mind) upcoming drama quietly wrapped up filming in mid-April, and is now going by the official title of Lost in 1949 脱身 (I assume they dropped ‘The/者’ to avoid comparisons with The Disguiser 伪装者).

It’s early 1949, and Communist agent Huang Liwen (Wan Qian) is on her way back to Shanghai to mourn the loss of her husband. At the train station, she accidentally mixes up her suitcase with Qiao Zhicai’s (Chen Kun), and loses the radio station she was supposed to hand to the Communists.

Huang Liwen is ordered to remain in Shanghai, and befriends the street smart Qiao Lijie in the process (also played by Chen Kun), who will reportedly be taking his older brother’s place as an undercover agent (first picture below) for a major chunk of the drama.

Costars include Wang Jingchun (The Match), Wang Yaoqing (Extraordinary Mission), Zhang Xiaochen (Shuttle Love Millennium), Yin Zhusheng (Impossible Mission) and Cai Wenjing (Above the Clouds). Acclaimed film star Liao Fan (Guilty of Mind) and Winston Chao (Skiptrace) will also be making cameos.

Lost in 1949 is co-produced by Chen Kun and Chen Kuo-fu (Mojin – The Lost Legend), directed by Lin Ke (A Unique Militiaman) and written by Wang Qi’nan (2012 film LOVE) and Wang Qiong. The 50 episode drama is tentatively scheduled to air on Dragon TV and Anhui TV in April 2018.

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First trailer and new stills for Secret of the Three Kingdoms

Same time period, same characters, different take – screenwriter Chang Jiang (The Advisors Alliance) is reinterpreting the life of the last Eastern Han Dynasty emperor Liu Xie, played by Ma Tianyu, for upcoming drama Secret of the Three Kingdoms, and the first teaser looks solid.

We know from Ma Boyong’s original novel that Liu Xie will have a twin brother Liu Ping, also played by Ma, who acts as a stand-in for Liu Xie once the former passes away. He will be helped by Liu Xie’s wife Fu Shou (Wan Qian) and Sima Yi (Han Dongjun) in the quest to defeat warlord Cao Cao’s (Tse Kwanho).

The 40 episode drama is aiming to premiere some time next year.

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The female characters from Secret of the Three Kingdoms get their turn in the spotlight

Secret of the Three Kingdoms is the latest project from screenwriter Chang Jiang (The Advisors Alliance), and stars Ma Tianyu (The Founding of an Army) as the last emperor of Eastern Han and Han Dongjun (Wu Xin: The Monster Killer II) as Sima Yi.

Wan Qian (Guilty of Mind) plays Liu Xie’s empress Fu Shou, who is later deposed and killed after Cao Cao’s men discover a letter to her father which urged him to conspire against warlord Cao Cao (Tse Kwanho), the de factor ruler of China.

Dong Jie (White Deer Plain) plays Tang Ying, wife of the former emperor, who was demoted to Prince of Hongnong after just 4 months on the throne. She’ll have a heart-wrenching love line with Sima Yi (Han Dongjun).

Dong Xuan (Wild Desert) plays Diaochan, an alluring woman who uses her charm and beauty to bring down Dong Zhuo and Lv Bu, two of the most powerful warlords at the time. Diaochan and Cao Cao’s adviser Guo Jia (Sunny Wang) were initially using each other to achieve their own political goals, though the relationship eventually turns romantic.

Liu Xie’s second empress Cao Jie and Cao Pi’s (Tan Jianci) wife Zhen Fu are played by relatively new actresses Wang Xiaomin (The Night) and Wang Yuwen (Rush to the Dead Summer) respectively.

The 40 episode dram is helmed by directors You Dazhi (Case on the Mekong River) and Zheng Weiwen (The Imperial Doctress).

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