Eyewear: The New Statement Piece for Men’s Fashion

Eyewear: The New Statement Piece for Men’s Fashion

China’s “little fresh meat” generation are dominating the Chinese entertainment industry, including the world of fashion. With eyewear being the new trend, let’s check out what these young “male gods” have in store for us:

Jing Boran (井柏然)

The 28-year-old actor chose an old-school, horn-rimmed glasses for his look. With the gray wool pullover and pristine slacks, Boran resembles an educated scholar.

Huang Xuan (黄轩)

At the Dior fashion show, the 32-year-old chose black-rimmed glasses to pair his dark navy blue suit. The overall look gave viewers the impression of CEO.

William Chan (陳偉霆)

For this look, the 32-year-old reminded actors of a high school teacher with this black turtle neck and khaki suit jacket. He paired the look with with rim-less glasses.

Lay (张艺兴)

The 26-year-old EXO member kept things simple with a pair of sleek round glasses and a blue suit. The style is simple yet sophisticated.

Kris Wu (吴亦凡)

The 27-year-old actor and singer is known for his bolder style. He pairs his Gucci suit with some oversized round glasses which he proudly wears.

Karry Wang (王俊凯) and Roy Wang (王源)


The TFBOYS duo shined in their schoolboy photoshoot with a pair of thick-rimmed glasses that match their youthful ages.

Wu Lei (吴磊) and Li Yifeng (李易峰)

Rising young actor Wu Lei stepped off the plane in his reflected sunglasses, while actor Li Yifeng brought the retro aviators back to the future.

Source: Sina.cn

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Eyewear: The New Statement Piece for Men’s Fashion

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  • William Chan’s Fans Attack His Girlfriend: “She’s a Prostitute”

    William Chan’s Fans Attack His Girlfriend: “She’s a Prostitute”

    Brazilian model Bruna G. Marth is unprepared to deal with the pressure of dating William Chan (陳偉霆), who is one of the most popular actors in Mainland China. William’s fans have been leaving nasty comments on Bruna’s Instagram account, calling her a prostitute for selling her body in nude fashion shoots.

    Although William has not publicly acknowledged his dating relationship with Bruna, sharp-eyed netizens spotted clues that the pair are an item. When speaking about William, Bruna said, “He’s handsome, a good boy, King of Drama… King of Everything. He has a good heart.” But realizing that William is a popular idol with millions of fans, Bruna tried to keep their romance low-profile and said they are “just friends”.

    Angry William Fans Call Bruna a Prostitute

    William’s fans felt that Bruna is flaunting her relationship with William to increase her own fame. Many left comments to attack Bruna’s looks, and complained about the frequent nudity in her modeling photos, “Your naked photos, breasts, and nipples have been seen by everyone in China. All of China knows that you’re not a serious model. You’re just under the guise of modeling to sell your flesh everywhere as a wild chicken [hooker].”

    Another commenter also called Bruna a prostitute, “Look at her wanton looks. All her posted photos are sexually suggestive. She’s the type of foreigner to pimp a wealthy man. Without serious work, she’s just online 24 hours a day, using a variety of social software to get hookups to earn money. She loves to flaunt herself; if you have money you can [sleep with her]. But looking at her, even if she’s a hooker, she’s a low-class hooker.”

    More fans were concerned that Bruna will drag down William’s success, “Are you using [William] for your own fame? It wasn’t easy for William to get to where he is today. Do you know that in China, one word you say can pull down William?”

    Bruna is Stressed by William’s Fans

    It is hard to ignore such malicious comments on Bruna’s Instagram account. While some logical fans urged her to not pay attention, Bruna admitted she felt very unhappy. Asked if William knows about the severity of the cyberviolence, Bruna said, “Let’s not talk about this. It’s my own personal matter.”

    Bruna added, “My job is modeling; I’m not a prostitute. I know many people love William, but please respect me. Everyone deserves respect. Please don’t attack me on Instagram.”

    Clarifying rumors that she was married before, Bruna said, “I was never married. That man is my friend’s husband. I’m not lying and explained this on Instagram before, but the comments won’t stop.”

    Feeling that even her personal safety may be at stake due to the widespread hatred, Bruna was spotted entering the Wan Chai police station in Hong Kong. It is reported that she has involved the police in an attempt to curb the cyber attacks.

    Source: On.cc

    This article is written by Jayne for JayneStars.com.

    Character Posters Released for Historical Epic “Genghis Khan”

    Character Posters Released for Historical Epic “Genghis Khan”

    A historical epic about the founder of the largest empire in history has unveiled a set of character posters, kickstarting a series of promotions for the film’s upcoming release.

    Genghis Khan <战神纪>, produced by Jean-Jacques Annaud and directed by Hasi Chaolu (哈斯朝鲁), is set in late 1100’s Mongolia, in the years before Genghis Khan started his military campaign to conquer Eurasia. After the death of his father Yesügei, Temüjin (later Genghis Khan) returns to his home tribe only to discover that it was destroyed by his father’s former compatriots.

    Hong Kong actor William Chan (陳偉霆) stars as Genghis Khan, with Jelly Lin Yun (林允) as Börte, his love interest and first wife. The film also stars Hu Jun (胡军) as the Naiman warrior Kuchlug, and Zhang Xinyi (张歆艺) as Dodai.

    Check out the posters below!

    Source: Sina.cn

    This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

    Bruna G Marth Says She’s “Just Friends” with William Chan

    Bruna G Marth Says She’s “Just Friends” with William Chan

    William Chan’s (陳偉霆) rumored girlfriend Bruna G Marth was drilled about her speculated relationship with the actor when she attended “Fashion Walk Opening Party” in Hong Kong yesterday. They became a rumored item after keen-eyed netizens discovering her link to William in a few of her Instagram posts.

    “We are friends,” she said. “[But] we can go out, it’s not a problem.”

    Bruna’s response did not seem very convincing. Interactions between the pair on Instagram showed that they are in frequent contact, and all the images and messages that were originally linked to William have now been deleted by Bruna.

    Asking when she and William first became friends, the Brazilian model said, “Right now I don’t remember.”

    Although she denied the relationship, she was all praises when she was asked about her thoughts on William. “He’s handsome, [a] good boy, King of Drama… King of Everything. He has a good heart.” She also mentioned William’s song “1121”, which was released in 2015.

    William’s fans were definitely not happy about his new rumored relationship. Bombarding Bruna’s Weibo with negative messages, they all exclaimed that Bruna wasn’t good enough for The Mystic Nine <老九門> star.

    Bruna reassured, “We don’t need to worry about these [messages]. I know his fans love him so much, but we are just friends.” Asking if a future relationship with William would be possible, she said, “I don’t know the future.”

    Source: HK01.com

    This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

    William Chan is Actually Dating Dilireba?

    William Chan is Actually Dating Dilireba?

    So were the speculations of William Chan (陳偉霆) dating Brazilian model Bruna G. Marth just a cover up?

    According to Hong Kong media reports, the Hong Kong actor and his Swords of Legends <古剑奇谭> costar Dilraba Dilmurat (迪丽热巴), also known as Dilireba, have actually been secretly dating for over a year; reportedly, his alleged relationship with Bruna was just to divert attention.

    William and Dilireba have actually been rumored to be dating for a while, but the costars have denied multiple times, maintaining that they are just friends. The rumors intensified when Dilireba were spotted watching William’s Nanjing concert with her assistant in October 2016.

    According to the rumors, William and Dilireba grew close in 2013, but didn’t start dating until 2016. A source told Hong Kong reporters, “William was still dating Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍) when he first met Dilireba, so nothing happened then. It wasn’t until two years ago when they officially started dating. Reba even went to Nanjing to celebrate his birthday!”

    William Chan and Dilireba in “Swords of Legends” (2014).

    The source went on to say that William and Dilireba have been extremely low-profile about their relationship, especially since Dilireba works closely with William’s ex-flame Angelababy in the variety show Keep Running <奔跑吧>.

    The source continued, “Though William is extremely popular, he never went on Keep Running. It wasn’t until Angelababy’s hiatus when he’s confirmed to make an appearance. It’s kind of obvious why!”

    25-year-old Dilireba is one of China’s popular most young actresses, coming in 37th on 2017’s Forbes China Celebrity List, earning 55 million yuan last year. The Uyghur actress has also made it to the list of The 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2017 by TC Chandler, proving her worldwide popularity.

    William, on the other hand, was ranked 21st on 2017’s Forbes China Celebrity List, earning 120 million yuan in the previous year. Rumors say he was only paid a million yuan per drama when he dropped his mainland debut four years ago, but his popularity in recent years have pushed him to earn up to 90 million per drama, earning him the title as Hong Kong’s highest-paid television actor of 2017.

    Source: Eastweek

    This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

    First stills for William Chan, Ma Sichun’s Age of Legends

    Age of Legends stars William Chan (Lost Love in Times) as Liu Ziguang, a youth from a humble background who later becomes a neighbourhood hero after helping to crush a powerful crime syndicate led by Nie Wanfeng (Liu Yijun)Ma Sichun (Oh My General) costars as Hu Rong, an upright policewoman who becomes the hero’s ally and love interest.

    The 50 episode drama directed by Liu Jin (The King’s Woman, I Am Not An Elite) recently wrapped up filming, and will air as a daily drama some time this year on Dragon TV and Zhejiang TV.


    Dangerous liaisons in first trailer for William Chan, Bai Baihe’s upcoming modern drama

    Only Side By Side With You stars Bai Baihe (Surgeons) as Nan Qiao, a cold fuerdai who has a passion for designing drones, and William Chan (Founding of An Army) as Shi Yue, an ex-soldier turned gigolo and bar owner who wants to exact revenge on Nan Qiao, believing she was the reason he got expelled from the army.

    Li Xian (Tientsin Mystic) plays Shi Yue’s former colleague and friend who has a one-sided love for Nan Qiao, while the gorgeous Qin Hailu (White Deer Plain) plays An Ning, a mysterious woman whom Shi Yue owes his life to.

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