Yang Mi Spent Chinese New Year in Hong Kong with Hawick Lau

Yang Mi Spent Chinese New Year in Hong Kong with Hawick Lau

As Yang Mi (楊冪) leads a successful career in China, her husband and fellow actor Hawick Lau (劉愷威) took a step back to take care of their young daughter “Little Sticky Rice” in Hong Kong. Being miles away from each other on a daily basis, rumors of separation are plaguing the couple.

In defense of his son, Hawick’s father, Come Home Love <愛回家> actor Lau Dan (劉丹), accidentally slipped to the press that Yang Mi would be spending Chinese New Year in Hong Kong. A source later shared that Yang Mi did arrive in Hong Kong on the second day of the lunar year, and had New Year dinner with Hawick and his family. A few days later, Hawick posted on social media that his wife “has returned.”

However, Hawick stayed tight-lipped when asked by paparazzi if his wife had returned to Hong Kong. Instead of answering the question, Hawick simply said, “Happy New Year.”

His father also stayed silent. Lau Dan merely smiled at the reporters when he was asked if his daughter-in-law had returned.

Despite the paparazzi’s efforts of catching the couple, Hawick has only been spotted alone since their rumored New Year meal. On Tuesday, Hawick was seen alone in Causeway Bay, shopping for household items. Yang Mi was not in sight.

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Yang Mi, Huang Zitao’s “The Negotiator” Airs to Good Ratings

Yang Mi, Huang Zitao’s “The Negotiator” Airs to Good Ratings

The fresh pairing of Yang Mi (楊冪) and Chinese singer Huang Zitao (黃子韜) in The Negotiator <談判官> is generating good ratings for the drama. Starring in his first television drama, Tao hopes to become an all-around artiste and opens up about his filming experience.

Previously, fans would have never associated Tao with being in a series as he was a former EXO member and was primarily known for his music talent. While he initially had little interest in acting, Tao admitted that his perception towards filming has changed. Now that he is older, Tao understands the importance of extending his experience. Tao expressed, “If this was the old me, I would say my ultimate love would be music and not acting. But now, I think being both a musician and an actor at the same time is not an easy feat. I feel as though not a lot of people are like this. I want to pass on more positive energy and allow everyone to get to know Chinese music, shows, and artistes.”

The Negotiator is actually a spinoff of popular TV show, The Interpreter <親愛的翻譯官> which also starred Yang Mi in 2016. Taking on a role as the one of the top Negotiators in the city this time, Yang Mi’s bold and straightforward character will be a stark contrast to Tao’s role as the spoiled, arrogant heir of a wealthy corporation.

Despite The Negotiator being Tao’s very first drama, co-star Dylan Kuo (郭品超) praised the first-time actor for being a great newcomer. Dylan said, “Tao is someone who puts his heart into acting and he’s very open about his performances, allowing him to fully understand his character quickly. He’s very in character and often had trouble getting himself out of his role.”

Besides praising Tao, Dylan also had many compliments for Yang Mi, whom he calls a phenomenal actress. “Yang Mi is such a wonderful actress and her improvs are great. She’s able to give a great performance no matter what line is thrown at her – that’s definitely her strong suit. She also memorizes the entire script so when we’re filming with her, we only need to do a run-through once before the cameras roll.”

“The Negotiator” Trailer

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Actors for Marie Claire

Tang Yan and Yang MI

Marie Claire did a “Chinese Style” photoshoot featuring some of China’s hottest young stars, incluing Yang Mi, Li Bingbing, Chris Li Yuchun, Tang Yan, Angelababy, Huang Xuan,Wang Junkai and Yi Yangqianxi  of TF Boys, Liu Haoran, Sheng YIlun, Victoria Song Qian, and Song Weilong.

Whose photo do you like the best?

Wang Junkai and Yi Yangqianxi

Li BIngbing and Angelababy

Liu Haoran and Song Weilong

Shen Yilun and Huang Xuan

Victoria Song Qian

Chris Li Yuchun


Hawick Lau Slows Down Work to Take Care of Daughter


When it comes to being parents, your children become your first priority, and this is exactly the case for Hawick Lau (劉愷威).

The Hong Kong actor and son of Lau Dan (劉丹), who was at one point considered to be one of the hottest actors Chinese TV industry, has stayed quiet for much of late 2017. His last big project was the modern drama Heirs <繼承人>, which aired in early 2017. He last updated his Weibo in November 2017, and his personal studio Hawick’s Studio updated only twice since the New Year’s.

His wife Yang Mi (楊冪), on the other hand, is once again expected to have a busy year, with multiple projects and endorsements confirmed for the coming months.

Hawick’s quiet activity on social media has concerned fans. There was even speculation that the 43-year-old is retiring from the industry, but most fans have come to a consensus that the former TVB actor has slowed down his workload to take care of his daughter, nicknamed “Little Sticky Rice.”

Netizens pointed out that Yang Mi’s popularity and better development in the entertainment industry has forced Hawick to take a step back to allow Yang Mi to continue work while he stays at home to raise their daughter.

Hawick has once mentioned in an televised program that he loves everything about Yang Mi, except that she is always too busy. Nonetheless, Yang Mi has said in an interview that both she and Hawick respect each other’s careers.

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2017 Weibo Awards Ceremony

The four most bankable actresses (四小花旦) of the post-85 generation: Yang Mi, Angelababy, Ni Ni and Liu Shishi, as chosen by netizens and industry insiders.

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Sina’s prepared random awards for all attendees, and the actor-related ones are listed below:

Weibo King: Deng Chao
Weibo Queen: Yang Mi
Weibo Entertainers of the Year: He Jiong, Huang Bo, Jolin Tsai
Weibo Gods of the Year:
 Wallace Chung, Wang Kai, Tong Dawei, Lu Yi
Weibo Goddesses of the Year: Ni Ni, Liu Shishi, Yuan Quan, Hu Jing
Weibo Most Searched Celebrities of the Year: Li Yifeng, Angelababy
Weibo Popular Stars of the Year: Zhang Yishan, Yang Zi, Jing Tian, Guan Xiaotong
Actors of the Year: Liu Tao, Pan Yueming
Movies of the Year: Wolf Warrior II, Twenty Two, Youth
Drama of the Year: In the Name of the People
Web Drama of the Year: Day & Night


Jolin Tsai

Yang Mi

Ni Ni

Liu Shishi

Guli Nazha

Jing Tian

Li Yuchun

Yuan Quan in Robeto Cavalli

Liu Tao in Alexander Arutyunov

Kris Wu in Burberry

Li Yifeng in Gucci

Wallace Chung in Burberry, Wang Kai in Lanvin, Tong Dawei, Lu Yi

Huang Bo, He Jiong (MC), Jolin Tsai

TF Boys

Angelababy, Deng Chao

Guan Xiaotong, Yang Zi, Zhang Yishan (three of the most popular post-90s actors)

Yang Zi in Temperley London


Hawick Lau Doesn’t Mind Washing Yang Mi’s Underwear

Hawick Lau Doesn’t Mind Washing Yang Mi’s Underwear

Since Hawick Lau (劉愷威) and Yang Mi‘s (楊冪) marriage in 2014, they have been busy with their own filming careers. The couple even left their three-year-old daughter in the care of Hawick’s parents in Hong Kong. Hawick and Yang Mi would return to Hong Kong to visit their daughter during filming breaks. With so little time together, it is not a surprise that the media often claims the couple is on the brink of divorce.

Last year, Hawick visited co-star Angel Wang (王鷗) in her hotel room in the middle of the night to rehearse their script together, sparking “cheating rumors”. But Yang Mi said she trusted Hawick and put a stop to the cheating speculations.

Similarly, Yang Mi has been frequently rumored with her co-stars. While filming Swords of Legends <古劍奇譚> with Li Yifeng (李易峰), the pair became close friends. Fans noted that the two were very cozy during promotional events and were photographed wearing matching clothing.

In a recent television program, Hawick once again denied there were problems in his marriage. Emphasizing that small arguments are bound to arise in a marriage, Hawick makes sure to apologize to Yang Mi first. He said Yang Mi knows the password to his cellphone, and would let her look through his phone freely.

Hawick even admitted that he washes Yang Mi’s underwear from time to time. He said he will wash them if he sees them in the dirty laundry pile. Upon hearing his confession, many fans praised Hawick and called him “Husband of the Century”.

Source: HK01.com

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