“The Unholy Alliance” Comes to an End

“The Unholy Alliance” Comes to an End

The following article contains spoilers for TVB’s The Unholy Alliance, which ended on September 13, 2017.

TVB drama The Unholy Alliance <同盟> ended its 28 episode run on Wednesday, September 13 to ratings success. The crime thriller finale starts with Ko Tsz-kit (Ruco Chan 陳展鵬) abducting his mother Ling Hung (Nina Paw 鮑起靜) and brother Kent (Joel Chan 陳山聰) to bring out the true side of Ling Hei (Mary Hon 韓馬利) and Anthony (Jazz Lam 林子善), both who are fighting to be the leader of The Alliance. Ling Hei forges Ling Hung’s signature in a power transfer contract that would make her the new leader, but Anthony threatens Ling Hei to transfer power over to himself instead. The two break into a fight, resulting in Ling Hei’s death.

Anthony becomes the sole leader of The Alliance—but only briefly. Tsz-kit uncovers his ploy in time and plants Rainman’s poisonous weapon in the Alliance meeting room. Anthony breaks the seal, sending out a waft of poisonous gaps, which wipes out Anthony and the Alliance members. Ling Hung, upon realizing that Tsz-kit had a hand in killing his aunt and cousin, slaps him two hard slaps on the face.

Soon after, Rainman sends assassins to kill Ling Hung. Her loyal bodyguard Mr. Yik (Jimmy Au 歐瑞偉), overwhelmed by the number of attackers, dies protecting Ling Hung, who gets captured.

Tsz-kit meets the four powers behind Ling Hung’s capture, and exchanges himself for Ling Hung’s life, promising to be their new Rainman. Meanwhile, Kent storms into the church to save Ling Hung. “Rainman” Kam Tin (Elena Kong 江美儀) confronts them and makes her way to kill them, but receives a message that Rainman has been replaced. Kam Tin’s assassins kill her. To be the new Rainman, Tsz-kit ends all relations with his family.

Tsz-kit spends the next two years tracking evidence to take down the four powers, and manages to put up all of their criminal evidence to the Internet. He comes across Yuen Ching-yan (Nancy Wu 胡定欣) in the streets, who angrily slaps him on the cheek. But their reunion is a happy one, and after two years apart, they can finally be together again.

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